How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs


Article by Brittney Carmichael
Photo Credit: Halley Elefante

How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs 

How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs 

Who's the ONE person you share ALLLLLL of your TRUTH with? Think about it.

It's not you. It's not your therapist. It's not your partner. It's not your kids. (Maybe your pets!) But it's your hairdresser. Or at least in my case, it is.

I happen to be the hairdresser in this story and have spent over a decade behind the chair listening to women spill their guts and open up about how they truly feel about themselves. 

Trust me. It's not always pretty in the hair salon. :) I've learned from listening to thousands of women that they don't feel confident, passionate, or capable of actually doing what they love for a living.

And I'm here to tell you that is total bullshit.

You can achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to. (You know what I'm talkin' about!) When you DECIDE. When you're CLEAR on what you want. You go after it and you MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I see so much sparkle in every woman I encounter buried beneath the beliefs and fears that they aren't good enough or smart enough or qualified enough to go after their dreams. I was one of those women. 

Although I was passionately going after my dreams of being a hairdresser, I knew something felt off. Something was missing.

My self-love. My self-care. My self-worth. 

I had to take a cold hard look at my beliefs that were holding me back from being the BEST ME I knew I was inside. It took me 10 years to uncover my inner sparkle. 

Ups. Downs. Sometimes backward. Pity parties and all. 

I struggled with believing that I was meant to share my love, light, and sparkle magic with the world. Today, I finally believe in my own beauty. I trust my inner voice. And I accept that life's challenges come with struggles. The journey of self-discovery takes faith in your highest goodwillingness to let go, and courage to BE YOURSELF. 

I know that if you're reading this message, you're probably feeling that way too. I came across the term "Lightworker" and somewhere in my soul, it resonated. A Lightworker is someone who is here to help heal the world from fear and restore LOVE.

The first step to making your DREAMS happen is BELIEVING in your ability to manifest them. Confidence is key when creating anything. Although it doesn’t ensure that you won’t stumble along the way, but it does allow you to take action even when you’re afraid.

You see, failure, to me, is not only a stepping stone to our greatness, but an opportunity to learn and grow.

Reframing the idea of “failure” into learning a valuable lesson allows us to move on by our ‘lil ole fear of failure and actually step outside our comfort zone to TRY!

You’ll never know if you don’t try and you’ll even end up proving your fear right.

No more will you cover your sparkle magic in fear of shining too bright because there is NO SUCH THING. We are all stars and we equally SHINE in our own unique way. When you have the courage to shine your light, you give permission to all others around you to do the same. Your candle lights the next candle and so on.

Turn on your authentic sparkle magic by believing that YOU are already ENOUGH, just as you are. It’s your time to SHINE! xo

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