3 Ways to Finish Your Book Fast and Finally


Article by Rheba Estante
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Finish Your Book Fast

Finish Your Book Fast

Writing a book can be an act of creative inspiration or a process of literary torture. How many people are out there who have a book in their head but not in their hands? A lot, especially if you live in LA or NYC, where aspiring writers abound. 

Truth is, a book often takes time to write. A dilemma lies in sustaining creative inspiration long enough to give birth to a book. The longer it takes to finish a manuscript, the greater the risk for some writers to lose interest in their own story. 

What’s a writer to do? Finish fast. How? Get a writing coach. A coach NOT a therapist unless you’re wanting to write an autobiography/memoir about your artistic angst.

If not, here are 3 ways to finish that book fast and finally:

Hire a writing coach who actively writes and is published by media outlets, not their personal blog. Look at their portfolio and ascertain if their productivity levels indicate an ability to meet editorial deadlines. Someone who is a frequent contributor to various online and print publications is a good candidate. People often mimic the habits of those they spend time with. If you’re serious about getting the book done, hire a professional who already does.

Write consistently every day and get a coach who makes sure you do. In “The Artist’s Way” Julia Cameron advocates writing three pages daily. A book can be finished in 30 days with 90 pages ready to be edited and polished for publication.

Be willing to write despite zero inspiration. How else do you think a pro works? Journalists and PR writers can’t negotiate deadlines. They even write about topics they hate. The deadlines are still met. Don’t wait or hesitate until your creative muse stirs you to write. Just write, right now.

Finally, a bonus piece of advice is to begin your literary journey with a roadmap. A book outline is like a vaccine that prevents writer’s block. Know where your story is going and you’ll reach “The End”. Focus on the foundation of a good book by spending time creating a working outline before you write the first page.

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Rheba Estante is a professional writer, ghostwriter, and biographer who combines an extensive background in corporate communications and experience as freelance writer for various publications. Her love of storytelling lead to a collaboration with Portland-based artist Sydney Sloan to produce their first illustration children’s book as a fundraising literary project for the Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue. Brainstorming outlines are fun and two minds are better than one. For November, a 75 minute session is on special for $75. Learn more/Contact me.

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