3 Keys to Tackling the Holidays Divorced

Tackling the Holidays Divorced

Tackling the Holidays Divorced


Article by Camille Ditele
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

If you are newly divorced or separated during the Holidays then you are certainly wondering how you are going to tackle and navigate these next few months. I totally understand because I cried through my first Holidays solo. Not at the thought of love lost, but at the loss of things that had been tradition and that were celebrated as a family unit. Now, there I was over 280 miles away, in my Mother’s kitchen instead of my own. Trying to be happy and sing songs with her and the kids and trying to be brave. Such a rollercoaster of feelings and loss can overtake your emotions, but it doesn’t have to be entirely melancholy.

Yes, you are newly single but take time for yourself and don’t feel pressured to do things you’re not comfortable with. I know of one woman who decided to take a long Holiday trip with her children- when the idea of making dinners and family gatherings at the table overwhelmed her due to the new dynamics, which had of course completely changed.

Whether you have kids or not, you can still celebrate more pleasurably by putting in a little effort. In order to break free from this pain and negativity, you can consider it a time to reinvent yourself or your family traditions and create new ones of your own.

While surviving the Holidays can feel like a daunting task because it’s hard to cope with the situation at hand and confusion still looms, keep in mind that divorce is no reason to be or feel completely alone and depressed. You can implement these 3 simple steps to help:

1 :: Try to let go of any fears you have about being alone by surrounding yourself with loved ones.

2 :: Create new traditions by figuring out how you can have happy moments for everyone involved.

3 :: I encourage you to make it work by implementing daily mantras for moving forward and figuring out what feels right for you and your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Think on the ones that are with you and rejoice in the love that currently surrounds you by giving thanks for what exists at the present!

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Camille Ditele

Camille Ditele is an author, trainer, Life Hacktivist™ and self appointed Divorce /Dēˈkōdər/. She's the founder of Divorced Not Defeated and creator of /THĒ/NOW/KŌDƏ/™ a movement to help women deal, heal, move forward and embrace life after divorce. Her new mini-series, Kitchen + Mocktails is dedicated to helping you loose the fear of being alone and create new traditions so you can dance into the New Year with ease. For more information visit Divorce Not Defeated.

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