Glamitation - 4 Fun Filled Steps to Make Meditation Easy

Make Meditation Easy

Make Meditation Easy


Article by Rebecca Bradley
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Have you always loved the idea of meditating - the thought of being in a state of blissed out calm, feeling relaxed and stress-free? But you hold yourself back because you think it's "not for you" or it's "too difficult" or it's only for "spiritual people". Do you think it would take you ages to learn and you get put off by the image in your mind of how you think people who meditate are supposed to look?

It probably all stems from what you think meditation actually is and how it works. Lots of people mistakenly think it takes years to master and is something that you have to practice for hours at a time to see any results. WRONG! Meditation is easy and EVERYONE is capable of mastering it. It's as simple as breathing and all it takes is a change of mindset to see it as something easy and achievable

Meditation is simply a state of relaxed focus.

It gives you the space in your thoughts to really pay attention to how you are actually feeling. It means you are slowing your brainwaves down and speeding your energy, in as little as 10 minutes a day up you can expect loads of brilliant benefits like:

  • Improved concentration & focus
  • Decreased stress
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Stronger immune system

The following 4 steps are easy shortcuts to getting your mind to slow down. Adding a bit of fun makes it even easier to get your head round and can help you see it as something that can easily be part of your daily routine.

Start by closing your eyes and:

1| Try listening to the same chill-out music each time you meditate. After a few times your mind will automatically associate that music with being relaxed, which will speed up the process.

2| Turn off all distractions (such as your smartphone, TV etc) and for just a few moments appreciate what’s around you. Nothing more, nothing less just take it all in.

3| On the screen of your mind picture your favourite place. Think of every single little detail of how it looks, feels and even smells. Just let your mind drift don't focus too hard.

4| Think of a word that makes you happy and just repeat it silently in your head, rhythmically and repetitively while you feel your brain slow down. Bubbles is a great word to try.

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Rebecca Bradley

Rebecca was successful but not always happy. Through a major health crisis and a crash course in learning she discovered a different kind of personal development. What she learnt took her from feeling lost, disconnected & numb on a daily basis to calm and positive, in a matter of months. With Suzi Tyler Master Trainer in NLP, Eriksonian Hypnotherapy and Neurological Repatterning she developed a 9 Step programme to share what she learnt with others. Find out more at The Formula Books.

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