4 Success Strategies to Elevate Your Brand

Elevate Your Brand

Elevate Your Brand


Article by Keisha Shields
Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
Magazine: Issue #25

It’s a funny thing really. To be a smart, gifted, brilliant woman. One who is amazing in her own right. Maybe it was being top of the graduating class, or maybe it was moving up the ladder pretty quickly. Being the envy of so many who look up to you as a mentor. Yet, feeling so far away from where you know you should be at this stage. 

The problem. You’re excellent at what you do, but you feel like an internal disconnect has happened somewhere along the way. You wanted to take what you do and elevate it so that you can be handsomely paid for it by amazing people who adore how you improve their lives (and not continue working for those who undervalue or under-appreciate your tireless efforts). What happened instead, though, is that you realized that this meant that you needed to show up in a bigger way. To possibly expose that vulnerable side of you that feels embarrassed or ashamed because you went from being the best of the best (and knowing it) to feeling stalled and out of alignment because somewhere along the way you settled big time for less than what you know you deserve. You’ve used this cocoon-like state to protect you for far too long. It’s time to bring your gifts back to the surface.

Creating the luxury brand or the luxurious, beautiful life that you want first starts within the mind. Sometimes you truly just have to hit the reset button. Here are 4 success strategies for smart girls and high-level women entrepreneurs who are ready to reclaim their thrones and get back on top!

Smart Girls’ Success Strategy #1: Stop Doubting Your Capabilities
The time, money, and energy that you have invested into your education, your career, your business, your brand, your love life, and your friendships has not been in vain. You are fully capable of becoming who you know you are meant to be.  Stop doubting yourself. Confidence is super sexy. As Suze Orman often states “Power attracts; Powerlessness repels.” Tap into your power source, because as women entrepreneurs and women CEO’s doubting yourself is limiting your cash flow more than you may even know.

Smart Girls’ Success Strategy #2: Reconnect with Your Vision
This is my absolute favorite part of helping smart girls with their luxury brands and luxury lives, because I get to help women like you to re-connect deeply and intimately with that vision that you’ve always had for how you envisioned your life. To help you reconnect and remember the possibilities all while being reminded that it’s still very much possible to make that vision happen right here right now. Take note of the ‘action source’ of the vision.  For example, does your vision involve you having a luxury brand? Is it more about you having the freedom to travel to luxurious destinations or become a well-known philanthropist? Did the priority for you come in the form of needing more socialite time in your life? 


Smart Girls’ Success Strategy #3: Get Life Support
A critical component to reclaiming your throne is having the space to process and support what is happening emotionally in your life, in your career, and in your business. 

Once you know the action source, getting support is very important. At this stage, nonjudgmental support will help keep you from self-sabotage or being derailed trying to go it alone.  Women's empowerment is so important to the future of luxury business, so get high-level support or none at all. Smart girls require a different type of mentoring and instruction than your average jane. When reclaiming your throne™, you need a trusted team of people who can support YOU (the smart girl), and not just your business.  If you know that your issue is that living in your head causes interference to your emotional intelligence, then find a mentor that you connect with that does both (supports you and consults your luxury ventures).

Smart Girls’ Success Strategy #4:  Set your Goals for Accelerated Success 
70 days or bust! Ok, so not exactly. What you need to know is that once you have teamed up with a mentor, a coach, a strategist, or other expert, you need to create a deadline-driven strategic plan that allows you to know what you need to be doing and when so that you can accelerate your success. Take the guess work out of the day-to-day decisions (this is where you can get into trouble because your emotions and deep-thinking ways can stall you) and you will be well on your way to reclaiming your throne, making way more money with more ease, and getting back on top! 

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