Featured Interview: Sofia Guajardo {Founder of Cocoon}

Founder of Cocoon.mx

Interview by Angel Quintana
Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia

Photography by: Mariana Garcia

Photography by: Mariana Garcia

In this month’s issue of Holistic Fashionista Magazine, we’ve featured breathtaking designs from the founder of Cocoon, Sofia Guajardo. With over 10 years of experience in the jewelry business, Sofia makes jewelry and accessory for people who seek statement pieces. Carefully designed and distinctively handcrafted using silver, mixed metals, unique quartzes, rough semi precious stones and other decorative natural stones in her in-house workshop. As a result, she offers unique pieces that embrace her Mexican roots and are influenced by geometric forms, nature and astronomy. You can find more pieces from her current line at www.Cocoon.mx

Photography by: Mariana Garcia

Photography by: Mariana Garcia

How did the brand start?

I just wanted a fresh start! I just wanted to have new light and colors. I've been doing jewelry all my life but never done big and bold designs. So I started with a couple of pieces for myself and loved the way it started to look and I Just took it from there.  

What is your current role at Cocoon?

I am the owner and designer. I lead our small team, we are 7 people in total, everyone has a special role. We all help each other out to and bring our best to the table, I would never do it alone, it takes a great team as the one we are so Cocoon can be what it is. 

What is the inspiration for this season's collection?

It's all about Art Deco and mixing it with a lot of geometric shapes.

I love the boldness of your designs. What pieces would you suggest for an entrepreneur looking to have new head shots done?

You don't want to overdo it, so I would suggest a thin choker. Keep it simple!

We are obsessed with the equestrian headpieces. Do you ride horses?

I'm so glad you like them!   I've ridden horses since I was a child, I still do. It calms my soul.  
Being in touch with these creatures is very special. The pieces are my tribute to them

Photography by: Mariana Garcia

Photography by: Mariana Garcia

If you could give one piece of advise for those seeking to pursue a design business, what would it be?

See the world, travel as much as you can to inspire your mind.

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