5 Keys for Living Magic & Manifesting an Epic Life…Now!


Living Magic & Manifesting an Epic Life

Living Magic & Manifesting an Epic Life

Article by Amber Campion
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

One of my favorite quotes by Rumi is “What You Are Seeking is also Seeking You.”

It sends chills down my spine every time I read this because it reminds me of the magic that is all around us (that most of us have simply forgotten). It reminds me that Living Magic is possible everyday and it’s more practical and easier to unleash this essence in your life than you may think.

Below are 5 keys for Living Magic….Now!

Step 01. CLARITY

Get Clear on your vision - what you truly want. Move from mind FULL to mindful by creating space to explore your deepest desires. It will be hard to see your life lighting up with synchronicity (magic) without this process. 


Once you become clear about your desire, it is important to understand why you want this in the first place. Ask yourself, “What would having this or achieving this do for me?” 

When you connect with your deeper why it transmutes your desire into a must and compels you to still ‘go get yours’ and not just give up when the ‘going gets tough.’ 

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This is about support. 

We are highly influenced by our tribe. Calling in community that supports your aspirations will play a major role in creating lasting magic in your life. If you are not supported (or worse, made fun of) by your peers with regards to your vision it will be hard to rise up and see it unfold. 

Step 04. COURAGE

Simply put, raise your standards. 

Align your life with your values & vision. If you aren't living within integrity to your values & vision then aligning to a truly magical life will feel more like a struggle than a co-creation.

If you value health, but eat junk food all the time, then you are living out of alignment. If you value respect, but you are in a relationship with someone who continually dis-respects you, then you are living out of alignment. 


Showing up once in awhile for yourself will not open the door to living magic. This is why creating rituals is so important. 

Reviewing and feeling your desires every single day is what it takes to co-create. This in turn creates momentum and will opens doors that you may have not noticed before.

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Amber Campion

Amber Campion is an Empowered Embodiment Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Creator of Yogaeira: Dynamic Release Method. Her mission is to empower people to release the blocks that keep them from rising to their potential & Living Magic everyday in every way. Ready to Live Magic NOW? Take the first step by committing to empowered embodiment coaching with Amber. Contact her at Amber Campion.

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