5 Steps for Effortless Manifesting


Article by Jody Kristina Barbero



Many speak on manifestation in an airy, fluffy way, but I believe in doing things simple. I love being grounded within the Earth, and I believe you cannot effortlessly manifest without all systems being well-oiled and integrated together. If we’re not doing the different types of inner work, manifestation will seem hard. 

Being true to yourself is the easiest way to manifest your desires. The Universe wants you to figure out what you want and understand the inner workings of you so that it can bring things that align to that vibration. Here are the main tips I have for keeping a simple daily practice.

1. Be Authentic.

I worried about a lot of things in the beginning of my spiritual journey, like, whether my negative thoughts were creating problems in my life, and I forced myself to be positive when I really felt like falling apart. I later realized that it’s all neutral. This is a part of our journey. How can we figure out what we want when we are faking positivity all the time? 

Our negativity shows up when things are not working for us, and sometimes our most negative emotions show up to bring clarity on what we don’t want. Trust that they are popping up for a reason. They want to be heard.

It’s important to take personal responsibility for these emotions as well. How I react can make things worse, but it’s not the Universe punishing for having feelings and reactions. You can be true to yourself.

Permission granted: feel those emotions, whether your perception or others is negative or positive. Do not shame yourself for experiencing a natural state that all humans have. 

You can quickly change your vibration at any moment: you have that power. So, if I want to cry something out, brush myself off and get my vibe right, I can do that. That’s progress, and the Universe hears you. You don’t have to be strictly positive in order to manifest. You have to be authentic and true to ones self. 

2. Enjoy the Present Moment.

It’s really that simple. Count all the positive things happening in your life and realize that life is happening right now. Take your time to be present with your loved ones and appreciate the gifts that life brings.

We are souls having a human experience, and the only thing guaranteed is: we will not be here forever. Cherish each moment, it sounds cheesy. At the end of the day, we will forget about the petty things and be left wondering why we spent all our time worrying about the future and the past. WE ARE HERE NOW, and everything will continue on whether or not you choose to acknowledge that. Live presently in your life. Kiss and hug your loved ones and try to soak in each moment.

Re-learn yourself, try to get in touch with your inner child and what brought joy within in those moments because that is the core of you. Even if you’ve forgotten.

This helps your progress with manifestation because:

  • It helps you focus on something bigger and outside of yourself.

  • You’re able to let go and allow the things meant for you to come to you. We cannot suffocate that of which we desire, it will only drive it away. Anything dies when you suffocate it, including dreams and desires. Make the intent, water it and know when to step away and not smother it.

  • This helps us get into the vibration of our purest state. We’re closest to the Universe when we tap into this vibration.

  • When you’re tapped in, you’re a master manifestor.

  • Lastly, this helps you get out of your head. I have anxiety and have a past of depression. People who used to know me, knew that I was the Queen of glass half empty mindset. My life was more of a struggle back then because I had no control over myself, and over my mind. I would let everything replay over and over in my head.

3. Keep Yourself Grounded.

When you’re sensitive to the energy outside of you, you will pick up on stuff that will weigh you down energetic-wise. This can manifest in many ways, such as: clutter in the house, laziness, procrastination, and major reactions rather than observing everything around you. 

This is why giving yourself daily tune-ups and checking in with yourself every single day is so important. Here are some easy ways to ground.

  • Go near nature, it doesn’t have to be out on a hike or anything. Even sitting under a tree and feeling into the grass is suffice.

  • Download Insight Timer and listen to sound therapy or binaural beats

  • Put on a high vibrational song that makes you feel good.

  • Eat root veggies, or make a juice with some beets in it.

  • Keep a crystal on you such as: shungite, black obsidian, or black onyx

4. Let Go of the Outdated.

Let go of things that you don’t use anymore, and let go of people that just take all your zest out of life. Create boundaries with those you love, you still need some space from. Sometimes, we tend to over-extend ourselves, and we may get joy doing this. Our body can get to the point of being so exhausted and in need of care. When we neglect our inner needs, we grow resentful without meaning to. Figure out your needs and adjust accordingly. 

  • Figure out what is making you feel bad and create boundaries and space for you

  • If it’s toxic family: find ways to ground and create boundaries with them.

  • Get rid of old clothes that don’t make you feel your best. Sometimes, we hold onto things for way too long that hold a lot of our own stagnant energy

  • Change your look and environments. Move furniture around and re-organize things to suit your vibration, now.

  • Don’t re-live your past mistakes over and over. It tends to keep us in that mindset and our nervous system will literally have the same reaction as if it was happening now.

5. Get into the Habit of Daily Journaling.

I get myself into a conscious and calm state of mind before I do any and all manifestation work. I don’t ever do this when I feel desperate, hurt or alone. If I am in a shadowy state of mind: I tend to leave the spell work or magic stuff for a different day and just practice a lot of self-care. 

When I’m in a high vibrational place. These are my steps for manifesting:

  • Visualize and write down what I desire as if it’s happening now.

  • Completely detach from the outcome and be open to something better than I desire knowing that “if not this, then something better is on its way to me.”

  • Try to live as if you already have everything you want. Stay grateful for the things you currently have and get into feeling the emotions of having everything you desire.

  • Stay in alignment as much as possible. We’re all human, we have bad days. Just don’t let those bad days become bad weeks, months, and years. Try to do things that make you feel happy, create boundaries and get rid of things that make you unhappy. Life is meant to be enjoyed right?

I hope this will help to get your mind stirring and make law of attraction a bit easier to practice. I know we all live busy lives and can’t always do vision boards 100x a day while also staying positive 24/7. This is real life, and some law of attraction teachers make it seem like you can never have a bad day! I remember in the beginning not quite grasping it because I thought I needed to do complicated rituals and always be in this great mindset or else nothing would work. SO not true! It’s all about balance, intention and living/practicing in your day to day life in the small moments you feel high spirited. I believe in keeping it simple and focusing on foundational work within yourself.

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