A Self-love Ritual: Heal and Connect With Yourself


Article by Taila J. O’Neal



A smell has the ability to trigger memories; influence moods even alter an individual’s performance.

For this reason, fragrance is my favorite form of self-care. It has the capacity to calm, energize, and seduce a mind the same way it can a space. It’s fascinating. Even more so is how smell can link you to past memories. When I reminisce on my favorite people and places, my recalls are usually accompanied by a flood of aroma. Does this happen to you too?

The olfactory memory is responsible for the scent recall connection. This is because the olfactory bulb is directly connected to the amygdala and hippocampus. Therefore, scent has the ability to relax or leave an imprint on the mind. Whenever I think of my dad, his cologne comes to mind just as quickly as his face does.

Knowing that scent carries such power is the inspiration behind this ritual. The combinations of smell, sight, touch and words activate an essence within a female that should be encouraged daily. Sensuality is an extension of a woman’s Divine Feminine energy, and connecting to it sparks creativity, self-love, and acceptance.

Being present while you ready yourself in the morning is a form of sensual self-care as you are focusing on how each act makes you feel. Bathing in soaps, like Taila.Made, that make your skin feel good or spraying your wrists with fragrance you love are examples of indulging in the energy of you. Over time this practice evolves into a personal power and confidence.

How to perform the ritual:

This ritual is so simple; there is no excuse not to do it!

1. Dedicate 10 minutes to yourself in an area with a mirror and a bottle of your favorite parfum. I personally use and suggest Mystic Rose Natural Parfum, a Holistic Fashionista & Taila.Made collaboration. This alluring blend of Rose, Palo Santo, Vetiver and Cedar Wood essential oils leaves one feeling sexy and grounded at the same damn time. It’s the perfect vibe for this type of experience.

2. After you have picked your fragrance and are in your beauty corner, which can be any area with good lighting and a mirror, start by giving yourself the up and down. Admire yourself, comment out loud on the things you love and smile!

3. Allow yourself to be aware of your body, at this point you should open your fragrance of choice and apply it to your wrists, behind the ear area and chest. Run your fingers across your arms chest and neck, or wherever makes you feel feminine.

4. Inhale deeply and exhale while closing your eyes so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience. Taking a moment or two to sit with your energy and spirit before tackling your daily to do’s. During this time you may want to sit for a 5 minute meditation if that feels right or make any adjustments you feel fit you better.

Use this ritual as a reason to be slow with yourself and indulge in You.

Start each day by putting yourself in your own spotlight. Apply your fragrance like the Queen that you are while feeding yourself your own praises. Self-love really is the best love; find little ways to continuously squeeze it in.

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