5 Surprising Signs You’re Ready to Find Your Calling


Ready to Find Your Calling

Ready to Find Your Calling

Article by Rikk Hansen
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

You stand at the edge. 

Uncomfortable energy coiled in your belly.You’ve arrived at the place where you know you’re not willing to settle. 

Not willing to settle for work that used to be satisfying yet now feels spent.

Even though the money is good. Even though everyone else thinks you’re living the dream. 

I’ve been on this edge myself. Holding on by fingernails until my health and the Universe pushed me out of a career comfort zone.

And I’ve landed with certainty in my own calling.

From my own leaps, plus 28-years guiding professionals to make their leap from career to calling, here are five sure signs that you’re ripe for your calling:

1) Denial: You’ve avoided the truth. Numbed out. Not wanted to feel the discontent. Ignored the part of you whispering that there’s something more you came here to do - a difference you were made to make.

You’ve been afraid. That your readiness for change will risk everything you’ve invested and built. 

2) Anger & Doubt: You’ve lashed out in blame or self-criticism. And questioned yourself. “Maybe I’m being idealistic.” “It’s too late.” “Whyjump out of a perfectly good airplane?”

3) Courage: Yet it’s impossible to imagine not making a change. Something deep in you isn’t willing to settle for a comfortable life of regret.

Plus you’re clearer than ever about what you don’t want. Crystal clear.

4) Escape Plans: Action. You’ve either taken steps or explored them. Made a lateral job change. Bought a book. Taken an assessment. Explored ideas for your own business.

5) Limbo: Yet, even admitting there’s no aliveness in the old work path, there’s still a problem. You don’t have clarity about a more passionate next career path. 

You have ideas. Even some you like, but nothing truly compelling.

So it feels like a kind of limbo - a place I call “Between-Dreams.”

I acknowledge these signs may not feel like progress. 

Yet, as signs of one chapter ending, they’re harbingers for your vital next chapter. Confirmation this is more than a job change. And markers that you’ve come to a threshold of growth - a doorway for the quest to discover your calling.

So acknowledge your progress. Celebrate the courage it’s taken you to arrive at this edge. Open yourself to discovery, to support, to guidance. 

The fulfilling work that you’d gladly make a leap for - is calling.

Philosophy of People is a compilation of self-improvement articles written by entrepreneurs seeking to bring holistic solutions to everyday problems. Read more articles from our 2nd Year Anniversary issue.


Rikk Hansen is one of the nation’s leading experts in fulfilling work –with a specialty helping professionals discover their next fulfilling and prosperous work path. With 28 years in the career and leadership development field, Rikk has become know as “The Career Calling Guide.” As founder of Brilliant NEXT, he’s created a free video training, 5 Keys to Find New Fire, that shares a powerful map for discovering a next work that’s really your calling. Learn more at Find New Fire.

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