3 Secrets to Making Money with Your Talent


Article by Pamela C. Wills
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Make Money with Your Talent

Make Money with Your Talent

Artists, musicians, writers, actors, designers… All you’ve ever heard is how impossible it is to make money with your art. Modern society has brainwashed us so effectively that we think there’s no money in our talent – we imagine all kinds of evidence that very few Artists can make a living from their art. We believe fully in the myth of the starving artist. As a result, we collectively perpetuate this myth. 

Newsflash: That starving artist mentality is soooo last century.

Big Break Mentality is where it’s at these days. It’s all about how you look at things. If your goal is to make a living from your talent, study instead the many existing examples of working Artists who are feeding the family, paying the mortgage and putting the kids through school with their money making talents. I know these examples exist because many of them are my friends and clients!
However, if your only goal is to become famous, that’s a whole different discussion for another day. For now, let’s talk about making a living with your talent.
I’m about to give you the secret formula. Ready? Better sit down; this is pretty profundo.

Secret #1: Treat your talent like a business

·        Develop your brand identity
·        Get an agent -- or at least ACT like you have one
·        Invest in simple business cards, head shots, internet presence, bio, elevator pitch 

Secret #2: Make your art and your art business (#artbiz) your top priorities

·        If it doesn’t serve your art and/or #artbiz in some way, let it go
·        If it DOES serve your art and/or #artbiz in some way, respect it, cultivate it, nurture it, protect it
·        Find a custom mix of side work that finances your #artbiz while feeding your creative mind

Secret #3: Promote yourself. ALL. THE. TIME.

·        On social media -- as many profiles as you can juggle – no more, no less
·        At on/offline networking events, every week
·        At your side jobs, family reunions… always be marketing!

Secret Ingredient: BE YOURSELF

None of these secrets work without the key ingredient: Authenticity.
·        Always be yourself
·        Always strive to be your highest, best self
·        Let this attitude (#artitude) shine in your marketing
Take this secret formula and go make some money!

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Pamela C Wills is a writer and choreographer with a passion for business. With certificates to teach dance and coach life, a BA from Georgetown University, experience in start-ups and PR, a radio show about confidence and a signature program that takes your talent from zero to BANK in no time, Pamela teaches Artists of all stripes how to stop dabbling and start making money with their talents. Book your brainstorming session at Pamela C Wills today!

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