5 Tips When Packing for the Winter Holidays

Packing for the Winter Holidays

Packing for the Winter Holidays


Article by Heather Rae Mitchell
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

1| The Not So Little Black Dress

This is your WOW piece, a simple dress that fits your curves in all the right places. Get away from wearing the little black dress and try a bold pink with a simple and subtle pattern or a stunning red. This would be perfect for holiday and party style.

The Right Shape - Find your smallest part and let the dress show off your curves.

The Right Size - If the fit is too tight or too loose it can be unflattering. The goal is to show off your body’s strongest  features.

2| The Perfect Legging

Nothing is worse than feeling uncomfortable in the clothing you’re wearing during long travel and late nights with family and friends. The perfect legging can add comfort while being flattering and stylish.

Length – You want to make sure the legging isn’t too short. A good universal legging should come to your ankle and be slim enough to wear a boot with. Having a zipper at the ankle is always a great option and allows you to wear the legging with flats as well as boots.

Material - Make sure the legging is thick enough and not transparent when stretched over your body, but be careful it isn’t too thick where you feel like your wearing scuba gear.

Height on the Waist - An important goal is to always make sure that you are flattering your body. Make sure it hits a flattering part on your body.

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3| The Flattering Universal Neutral Color Sweater

Staying warm and comfortable while finding a sweater that flatters your figure. the figure friendly sweater is an essential for winter style! Look for a sweater that is a little oversized yet structured to maintain your body shape is perfect to pair with leggings and can be styled as a layer over a dress.


A simple boot can take versatility in wardrobe packing a long way. Look for something that is simple, color universal, metal neutral (not too flashy) and flattering for your legs.

5| Accessories

It is important to keep your luggage light. Packing simple basics and bringing different accessories will keep your traveling holiday style as versatile as possible.

Layers - Some pieces that layer are rings, necklaces and stackable bracelets. These are items that can be easily broken down and layered or stacked to create a different look.

Large Statement Pieces - Transform neutral clothing pieces in to eye-catching styles.

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Heather Rae Mitchell

Heather Rae Mitchell helps take the closet and the clothing you already own and put a different and new twist on your look. During the stressful holiday season where you are trying to balance work, holiday parties, and family events, the last thing on your mind is rushing around to pack and get the perfect holiday outfits. Thinking about what to pack and what to wear at each occasion can be very overwhelming let HRM help >> Heather Rae Mitchell.

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