6 Ways to Develop a Laser-Like Focus on Building Your Business


Article by Vanessa T. Horn

6 Ways to Develop a Laser-Like Focus on Building Your Business

6 Ways to Develop a Laser-Like Focus on Building Your Business

You are multi-passionate. I get it. I am, too. And I work with gifted, talented, brilliant people like you every day. But tell me if you can relate:

  • You have more ideas than you can possibly implement (at one time).
  • You have trouble discerning where to start to create substantial traction with your ideas.
  • Some of your ideas have been circulating in your head for YEARS. You are actually embarrassed when you see people whom you’ve told and still have nothing to show for it.
  • You experience peaks of inspiration and motivation followed by dips of overwhelm and confusion.
  • You vacillate between KNOWING you have something to contribute and beating yourself up for where you are and where you think you should be.
  • You have a bunch of things started, but few finished to completion.
  • And let’s be honest… you aren’t making money from half your ideas (yet).

You are not alone. And I can help. :) EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I speak with entrepreneurs who suffer from what I call “Multi-Focus Syndrome.”

You are BRILLIANT and creative and flowing with ideas. But here’s the truth: Your ideas won’t make you rich. Only your implementation of them can.

So, what is the solution? Here are my top 6 Keys to Get Laser Focused as an Entrepreneur:


The first thing you must create, if you don’t have it already, is a baseline income. This takes the pressure off your idea HAVING to work. There is nothing that will repel your prospect more than you being desperate for them to sign up and work with you because you NEED the money. It is a repellant. What are possible sources of baseline income?

  1. Take a job. Yes, I am the optimistic entrepreneur coach who knows all the shortcuts to creating cash, but I have seen too many people who have the talent, but their belief stops them from accessing it. So, the remedy is possibly to create a dependable income stream that covers your basic needs while you work on your passion project.
  2. Borrow money. There is a stigma built in some circles against going into debt. The truth is, when it is done correctly, it is actually savvy and leveraging another person’s asset to create one of your own. Several of the 6-figure and million dollar businesses that my husband and I created were started on 0% interest credit cards, sometimes even when we had the cash in the bank.
  3. Low hanging fruit. Sometimes you are sitting on a business where people actually pay you cash for your expertise, but you are so distraught and in turmoil about what you haven’t created that you are sabotaging the income stream that is a gift to you while you build your ideas out.


“But I don’t know where to start!” I get it. Perhaps there are several ideas that you like equally. The trouble is, they are canceling each other out at the moment. I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs I see trying to implement three ideas at once.

To filter ideas, write your list of ideas. Then across the top list your top values. For each idea a rank based on which helps you experience and create more of what you value and prioritize.


Not everything has to be done at the same time. Plan out what you think you can accomplish in the next 90 days, then the next 6 months, then the next year.

Then either cut your deliverables in half, or double your timeframes. You heard me right. We generally push ourselves to create things in such tight containers, it takes away from creating with grace and ease. Then we beat ourselves up rather than celebrating the progress we have been able to make. It’s a terrible cycle. Trust me on the cutting deliverable in half or doubling your timeframes.


To clear your calendar to create what is most important to you, I guarantee that you need to begin saying NO more frequently.

Recently, when I knew I had to make a shift in my life and business, I mentally CLEARED THE TABLE. That meant that rather than taking out the things that I didn’t want in my life, I had to just take it all out, clear the slate, so to speak, and slowly add the things I wanted back in. I did this with EVERYTHING: relationships, commitments, team members, businesses, etc.

I actually had to give myself permission to drop some balls. I had to suspend judgement of myself and know that I would go through some temporary pain, but it was the only way to get on the right track to creating what I really wanted. This quote spoke deeply to my heart at that time:

'Nothing's worth leaving myself for. Not being on time, not getting everything done, not "getting" love. If the whole world falls apart because I do what it takes to stay right here, in deliciously continuous contact with myself, so be it. If I lose some money, lose some friends, and let balls drop like flies, so be it. I would die for this beauty of myself, unfolding at the speed of blooming.' ~ Lindsay Sworski


Take time to enjoy the journey and to celebrate every step of progress. Breath. Savor. Enjoy. Anything can be course corrected from a place of forward motion. With clarity of focus you can actually begin to create rather than just spin in “trying to figure out how”.


For the past 3 years, I have been part of a mastermind group called “Who Do You Think You Are?” We hold each other accountable to be bold in our creations. We say that if we are not hearing others or our own internal voice saying, “Who do you think you are?” then we are not being bold enough.

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