7 Secrets to Heal Your Acne Naturally

Heal Your Acne Naturally

Heal Your Acne Naturally


Article by Sami Blackford
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

I love to write about all sorts of natural and holistic skincare, and natural health more generally. But the topic that is most close to my heart is acne.

Acne is the reason I do what I do; it's the reason I made the step from fashion designer to Holistic Skincare Specialist.

Here are my 7 secrets to healing your acne naturally.

Listen to your skin - your skin is an indicator of what's going on inside your body, so your acne could be telling you something important. Acne along the jawline, for example, can indicate a hormone imbalance. For more information, read What's Your Acne Trying To Tell You?

Don't pick - picking spots will only make things worse. And you can be left with unsightly scares.

Clean up your diet - cut out any foods you are intolerant to. Reduce ‘bad’ foods like refined sugar, processed food, fried foods, fizzy drinks, and bad fats. Then include lots of ‘good’ foods in your diet, like fresh fruit and vegetables, good fats, anti-oxidants, and drink plenty of water.

Take a look at your lifestyle – are you partying every weekend? Working into the small hours on a regular basis? Involved in toxic relationships? All of these things (and many more) can affect your skin.

Move more - as well as all its benefits with regard to general health, exercise helps to detox the body and remove unwanted toxins.

De-stress - feeling stressed and ‘run-down’ show on your skin in the form of acne or other skin problems.

Avoid the nasties - there are some really horrible ingredients to be found in a lot on mass-produced commercial skincare products, so we shouldn't be surprised that some can cause what's known as 'comedogenic acne. Check Your Skincare to find out what to avoid.

You won't find any nasty ingredients in our Freyaluna natural skincare products. The blend of burdock, calendula and peppermint in our Ban the Blemish range is cleansing and anti-septic, making them valuable for those with acne.

Need help fast? Intensive Blemish Gel is a cleansing and anti-septic blend which uses antibacterial sage, plantain to heal, calendula to ease inflammation, rosemary to invigorate and remove toxic congestion, and a blend of other potent and powerful herbs and flowers, to soothe and heal spots and blemishes.

Philosophy of People is a compilation of self-improvement articles written by entrepreneurs seeking to bring holistic solutions to everyday problems. Read more articles from our 2nd Year Anniversary issue.

Sami Blackford

Sami Blackford is an Holistic Skincare Specialist, the force of passion behind Love Yourself Naturally, and founder of the Freyaluna natural skincare brand. After battling acne for many years, Sami finally found the secret path to clear and healthy skin, and she has since made it her mission to reach out to women around the world and help them along the same journey. For more information on how she can guide you to healthy skin, check out Love Yourself Naturally.

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