Take Another Step: How to Stay Committed to Your Creative Dreams


Stay Committed to Your Creative Dreams

Stay Committed to Your Creative Dreams

Article by Kandice Cole
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

I want to say congratulations. You just took the first step and took action on your creative dream. You wrote the first page. You bought the supplies. You signed up for that class. You said yes.

But that exciting feeling has worn off leaving you frustrated and struggling to stay the course.

How do you keep going when it seems like life is conspiring against you in the form of wacky schedules, inevitable responsibilities, fatigue, and everything in between? How to do you take another step after getting off track?

First things first, celebrate yourself more. Celebrate each step that you do take. If you got up and could only write for 5 minutes, celebrate like it’s New Years. If you get off track, but then get started again: celebrate. Surround each step with joy and it will feel easier to take another one.

Accept when things don’t go your way. Clear that funky energy by simply just accepting what is really going on in life. “ I didn’t do it because I had to run errands and that’s ok.” Full on acceptance comes with so much ease so you can move onward without any shame or guilt.

Remember that being stuck in a rut with your creative dreams does not mean you aren't passionate. Quite the contrary. Usually the most worthwhile endeavors have moments where it feels impossible to complete according to Steven Pressfield’s book,War of Art. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your creative pursuit. It just means you are normal and deal with resistance. You are definitely not alone in that my friend.

Most importantly, shower yourself with lots of love. The world can be so harsh and we can be so hard on ourselves about everything. Giving yourself more love leaves leaves you feeling more inspired in every facet of my life. You can show up for yourself when you are in a loving space to do so. Constantly remind yourself of how loved you are. Set an alarm on your phone or find a few affirmations to repeat daily. Keep that love on yourind as you navigate the choppy waters of life and pursue your creative dreams. Here’s to a million more steps and an eternity of loving each and every minute of it.

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Kandice Cole

Kandice Cole is a writer and personal development teacher. Her mission is to empower people to live unapologetic lives right now. The author of several personal development guides and creator of the Love Letter Club. Need more inspiration to take the next step? Join the Love Letter Club today. I pour my heart into a love letter, send it to your inbox, and remind you of how amazing you are every single day >> Love Letter Club

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