7 Step Peaceful Breathing Technique to Reconnect to Spirit


Article by Darlene Dunn

7 Steps Peaceful Breathing Technique

7 Steps Peaceful Breathing Technique

The life of an entrepreneur is hectic and crazy and honestly, sometimes we may forget to breathe!  

Here’s some good news - you can voluntarily control your breathing.  It is called breath work and it is extremely effective in balancing your energy systems.  

Breath work uses different techniques to voluntarily control breathing to positively impact our health. With practice, you will become proficient in breath work and reap its many benefits.

Some of the benefits you may experience with breath work:

    Improve concentration
•    Boost your energy (mental and physical)
•    Relieve stress
•    Improve sleep
•    Enhance physical performance
•    Improve air exchange
•    Increase your awareness of your body

And, as if these weren’t enough, breath work is affordable.  Once you learn the technique it is free for you to incorporate into your busy entrepreneurial lifestyle and budget!

Here is an example of a breathing exercise that is quick, simple and effective:

1| Find a quiet place and get in a comfortable position (lying or sitting).
2| Place your hands lightly on your abdomen.
3| Close your mouth gently and touch your tongue to the roof of the mouth and breathe through your nose.
4| Inhale deeply and slowly, visualize your diaphragm moving down and your abdomen expanding (your hands will feel the expansion).
5| At the end of the inhalation, don’t hold your breath and your abdomen will fall automatically as you exhale.
6| Try to get all the breath out of your lungs on the expiration. (Expiration should be twice as long as inhalation).
7| Repeat steps 2-6 ten times

So, let’s all BREATHE…..peaceful, easy breathing!

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