8 Things No One Tells You About Growing Up...


Growing UP

Growing UP

Article by Chloe Rain
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

What the f am I doing with my life? The 8 things no one tells you about growing up, what makes you special, discovering your life purpose, and being happy...

Ever had one of those moments? Where there's a slow motion montage as you catch yourself in a place or a situation you'd never imagined you'd find yourself and what runs through your head is the question:


I bet you've hoped, "There's got to be more to life than this!?!"

The things that "they" don't tell you about growing up, what makes you special, how to discover your life purpose, and what it means to be happy and wealthy....

1 :: The only way to find yourself is to completely lose your way. From where you came everything made sense, to where you're going nothing makes sense… this is life. This is the way.

2 :: When you are lost, the things that worked for your once, will stop working for you. Ever heard the expression, jump and the net will appear? The real story goes a bit more like this: As you jump from the cliff, take the leap of faith, and go for it, you trip, fall, stumble, scuff up your elbows, cut up your hands, grasp, clutch, and scream on the way down, wondering if you're going to survive the fear of the fall. 

3 :: You will have to find a new way. Your way. Only you can find this way.

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4 :: People with seemingly good advice and sound ten (or 8) step strategies- are not to be trusted. Chances are, they never had the guts to do the great thing in their life that you're attempting to do, and they're scared of what it means if you accomplish what you’ve set out to do.

5 :: Do not expect perfection. The expectation of perfection, of total security, of knowing all things before they happen, and how your life will unfold, if achieved, would create a state of stagnancy beyond which there is would be NO future growth, and no such state exists.

6 :: True wealth, is an absolute knowing that everything you need is within you. 

7 :: The ability to reframe failure and not take yourself so seriously, will be exactly what propels you toward living a more extraordinary life. 

8 :: Arriving at your destination is not the point. You will come to learn that fulfillment, life purpose, and happiness is in WHO YOU BECOME as a result of following your heart and discovering you unique destiny.

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Chloe Rain

Chloë works with conscious individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, and dissatisfaction in life, who are seeking permanent change, a more integrated spiritual relationship to money, creativity, and personal freedom. Have you considered what it would feel like to be the Master of your Destiny, your life, your emotions, your dreams, and have the knowledge that will forever generate what it is that you desire? Receive a free inspirational MP3 "You can't Plan an Inspired Life" at Chloë Rain.

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