Money Talks: 3 Keys to Attract Clients with Mindset Mojo

3 Keys to Attract Clients with Mindset Mojo

3 Keys to Attract Clients with Mindset Mojo

3 Keys to Attract Clients with Mindset Mojo

Article by Elaine Wellman
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Worrying about where your next client is coming from sucks! Your money mindset could be sabotaging your efforts to attract clients.

Here are 3 Keys to Attract Clients with Mindset Mojo:

1) Uncover Your Money Beliefs

What LIES do you tell yourself about money? I only have enough to barely get by. I’m not good with money. People will never pay me more than they are. What stories are edged in your brain from childhood? Money doesn’t grow on trees. Save your pennies. All this negative money talk makes it nearly impossible to bring in abundance and attract high-paying clients.

Explore your deep-seeded BELIEFS about money and come clean with any hard truths you uncover. Then, reframe them into prosperous mantras.

2) Raise Your Money Consciousness

Do you have shame or guilt around money? Many women are conflicted. They feel greedy wanting money and worry they’ll be judged. That creates a block around attracting cash. Dig into your FEELINGS and figure out what that’s about.
MONEY IS A TOOL. It changes things. It makes things possible.

3) Claim What You Deserve

Do you undervalue your services? Many women get stuck in this trap and undercharge for their services. That means working harder to make ends meet. Base your fees on the result and transformation you provide your clients. Here’s a real eye opener.  Your clients are not investing in you! They are investing in themselves … through you. Get over yourself sister! (And that takes the pressure off, too.)

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Do you believe you deserve success?

If deep down you feel like you don’t deserve to have a thriving business and be happy, you’re creating that reality. And if YOU believe it, everybody else believes it too.

When you get clear on your BELIEFS and FEELINGS about money and CLAIM WHAT YOU DESERVE, something kind of miraculous happens. You charge what you’re worth. You attract your ideal clients. You earn more. You work less. You have more fun. Your Money Mojo will take you to the Promised Land!

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Elaine helps emerging and want-to-be entrepreneurs turn their passion into profit to create the freedom-based lifestyle they crave. She guides clients to connect their most inner desires, strengths and values to a money-making niche and business model. She also helps them navigate the mindset and marketing elements essential for sustained success. Elaine is a Certified Professional Coach and Award-Winning Publicist with 20 years’ experience in PR and events in New York City. For a deeper dive, join me on my Complimentary Call >> Elaine Wellman

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