A Full Moon Ritual for the Overwhelmed, Stressed & Over-Giving Woman


Article by Eliza Ceci

A Full Moon Ritual for the Overwhelmed, Stressed & Over-Giving Woman

A Full Moon Ritual for the Overwhelmed, Stressed & Over-Giving Woman

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you notice a little bit too late that you’ve overdone it? You can probably feel it, almost as an aftershock, in your body – exhaustion, an ‘I gave too much’ hangover, migraine, or maybe your bad mood gives it away.

It’s normal, we all do it! But… I want to teach you another way.

Something I’ve been excited to teach lately, is how to use our cycles {menstrual and moon} to our advantages so you’ll know when it’s appropriate to be ‘on’ and when it’s time for you to scale back and say no to parties, networking events or people pleasing.

Our lives revolve around cycles whether it’s cosmically or physically, and I want to teach you how to shine by learning how to use these to your benefit.

I want you to become aware of the moon cycles and use this moon ritual to help you fill back up when you’re feeling depleted. Next time the full moon is out, I want you to go outside and look up at her and give yourself a moon bath - allowing her light to bath and restore you, give you gentle energy and open your heart to what needs extra oomph right now. 

Allow the gorgeous and healing energy of the moon to fall upon your skin and embed into your heart – filling up what once felt depleted. Taking in as much as you need and knowing you’re getting exactly the right amount of energy to love and support you through the rest of the month. All you need to do is close your eyes as you stand under the moon and receive all of her goodness.

Or, you can take a moon walk {alone, with a friend or your partner} in the light of the full moon. Focusing on what you’re releasing into the cosmos with every step you take to be reborn on the new moon in a few weeks. What are you ready to let go of? What cycle have you been going through that’s been hard for you, that you’re ready to let go of now? Send it up to the moon to be taken care of. Call on lady Luna for support like women have done before you for 1000s of years.

Getting into connection with what cycle you are in is a great first step in aligning your thoughts, actions and feelings with your feminine rhythms. AND, it’s meant to be fun! Like everything I teach, there really is no wrong way, there is only your way. Practice bringing out your playful side and enjoying the wisdom and guidance the moon offers to you

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