7 Ways to Embody Your Inner Goddess


Article by Sally Ella Horn

7 Ways to Embody Your Inner Goddess

7 Ways to Embody Your Inner Goddess

You are a Goddess Soul Sister! And wonderful transformations take place when us females remember to think of ourselves as divine. To embody the Goddess within instead of considering ourselves to be inferior. A Goddess evokes respect and honor and you can use that to respect, honor and love yourself. And treat yourself accordingly.

Here are my 7 ways…

1 :: Acknowledge And Express Your Emotions

It is so important to be able to express yourself. To listen to, feel and express your emotions. We are often taught to keep quiet, be polite and be accommodating. This can often lead to many repressed emotions. And suppressing emotions creates pent up anger and anxieties, that lead to more serious mental health issues such as depression and panic attacks. To embrace your inner Goddess, it’s important that you don’t deny your emotions. Feel them, let them flow. And if they're negative, let them go.

2 :: Have A Sacred Space

Every Goddess needs her own temple! Its so beneficial for you to have a safe space for yourself where you can relax and de-stress. If you don’t have a spare room that can be yours, then how about a special area of a room. Or a comfy chair. Or a hammock in your yard. Enjoy this space to do things that relax you and allow you to reflect and nurture yourself.

3 :: Make Time For Inner Peace

This might be meditating. The psychological and physiological benefits of Meditation are now widely known. Meditating is a way of honoring and connecting to your inner Goddess. Maybe you practice Yoga or Tai Chi or running as a form of meditation.

Breathing techniques, pranayama exercises are also good for focusing the mind and calming the body. Concentrating on your breath always helps to let go of any strong negative feelings. Perhaps you like journaling what you’re grateful for. Whatever it is that calms your mind and makes you feel contented – make time for it daily to keep your Goddess feeling loved and nurtured.

4 :: Take Care Of Your Body

Your body deserves to be treated with honor. Practice self-care rituals and routines. This again will mean different things to all of us. You might enjoy getting a massage regularly. Or pampering your body with a home spa day. It could be taking a candle-lit bath while listening to your fave music. Or dressing up in nice clothes and doing your hair and makeup so you feel good about yourself. Getting fresh air and drinking plenty of water. Whatever makes you feel like you are taking care of your body.

5 :: Listen To Your Intuition

Being a goddess means living in line with what feels right for you. Listening to your inner voice and acting accordingly. So don’t feel guilty or obligated to do things you don’t want to do. Stand firm in what you believe in. Do what you want to do and trust in your inner Goddess wisdom. Believe in your self-worth and your ability to channel wisdom and knowing.

6 :: Ditch The Negative Self-talk

We can be extremely judgmental of ourselves, and you will no-doubt have experienced exaggerated and harsh self-criticism at times. And sometimes still do. This negative self-talk can really bring you down, damage your self-esteem and contribute to depression and anxiety. That's not how you would treat a Goddess! To manage this criticism you first need to become aware of exactly what the judgements are and the emotions attached.

Then write down a positive statement to counteract each judgement. So that you express appreciation for yourself instead. If you find it hard to come up with an opposite positive statement then write a list of all the qualities you like about your self. It may be your smile, your sense of humor, your compassion, your eyes, – whatever. Make one or two of them, into a statement.

Whenever you catch yourself having a negative or demeaning thought or feeling about yourself, repeat your positive statement(s) and infuse it with a high vibe of love and/or gratitude.

7 :: Connect With Mother Nature

If you spend much of your time indoors then you can find yourself feeling disconnected from nature and its nurturing energy. So try to take time to regularly go outside in nature. Do activities outside like biking, swimming, or walking to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of nature. Ground yourself and draw up earth energy into your body - if possible going bare foot.

This is important to remind yourself where you came from. Acknowledging the beauty of nature acknowledges your inner Goddess.

To help you to honor yourself, embrace your inner Goddess now. Love yourself like the Goddess you really are. Your self-esteem will sky-rocket when you do.

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