Attracting Intimacy with the Art of Self-Love


Attracting Intimacy

Attracting Intimacy

Article by Marcela Liliana Veron
Photo Credit: Jana Cruder
Magazine: Issue #23

If you want to have a fulfilling love life you must master the Art of Self-Love. Receiving love from others can only take you as far as you’ve gone with your own self-love. Depending on others for your only source of love is not only unsustainable, but can leave you feeling empty when the love is no longer present, and keep you from looking inside for your own source of love. 

Love is not only a concept; it is life affirming energy and divine source. Love is a renewable source and a powerful resource – revitalizing and soul-fulfilling.

The art of self-loving emerges from engaging in acts that bring love into your being. Art is a heightened creative expression that moves from the soul. Art becomes ART when fully engaging the practice with intent, passion and devotion. The art of self-loving is therefore self-expression of love in motion, in practice, in ritual – an act of devotion. If there is something you need to be full of -- it is LOVE. 

Having a practice of loving yourself can really help you amp up your personal love vibe and source of love. To Master the Art of Self-Love, make it an ongoing ritual, which then blossoms into a self-devotional practice. The more you tune in, the more intimacy you create for yourself – the more you get to fall in love with yourself. 

Intimacy becomes then a deeper expression and connection to your soul. Art of Self-love is about loving ALL of you not just the good parts. Having a self-love practice deepens and expands connection with your heart and soul, which magnetizes love and intimacy to you.

Love then follows you around. It’s in your thoughts, communication, intentions and everywhere. It envelops you and radiates in all areas of your life.


As they say “Energy grows where attention goes”. The same goes with Love! 

What I’ve experienced, in the years I’ve worked with women, is that many do not know HOW to love themselves, let alone have a self-loving practice. What I’ve realized is that many people, especially women, are not really taught how to love themselves. Here is an important thing to know about self-loving:

Having intimate time is a foundational practice in the Art of Self-love. Which means, you have to put into practice intimacy time, a routine and ritual to retreat and reflect on your feelings, thoughts, emotions, heart’s desires, dreams and all of it.

Write It Down! Speak it Out Loud! Express it through Art. Music. Dance. The deeper and more intimate you get with yourself the more intimacy you will attract. Self-love in motion is art. Mastery --you Embody Your Love. 

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