Best 3 Places to Find a Virtual Assistant


Article by Yvonne Weld
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Places to Find a Virtual Assistant

Places to Find a Virtual Assistant

One of the most common questions I am asked by potential clients is “how do I find a Virtual Assistant?” Many people make the mistake of hiring a Virtual Assistant just because they met them at a networking function they attended and don’t take the time to make sure a) they are a good personality fit; and b) they actually have the skill set you need in your business. Finding a quality Virtual Assistant means doing a little research and today I am going to share with you the best 3 places to look for your ideal Virtual Assistant.

1. Your Colleagues

First and foremost you should try asking your friends and colleagues who they are using as their Virtual Assistant. Referrals are a great first place to look because when someone else is recommending a Virtual Assistant it is usually because they are doing a “bang up job!” People love to share their “great finds” and it is the same with a Virtual Assistant.

2. Online Directories

Another great place to look is Virtual Assistant online directories. Many of these websites will have a large database of Virtual Assistants who have joined their membership. This is a great resource for finding a number of Virtual Assistants all in one place! To find one of these directories simply go to google and type in “virtual assistant online directory.”

3. A Virtual Assistant Matchmaker

A Virtual Assistant matchmaker is another great place to look for a Virtual Assistant. They will take the time to vet your Virtual Assistant for you so you know they have the skills you need in your business.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for your business is a great investment! Having a Virtual Assistant in your corner means that you will have more time to spend on the money-generating activities and once you take this next step your business will soar to greater heights!

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Yvonne Weld is a Virtual Assistant matchmaker and she helps entrepreneurs find their ideal Virtual Assistant so they can have more time to focus on making more money in their business. If you are having difficulties finding your ideal Virtual Assistant or have questions simply about Virtual Assistants in general, schedule a free VA Q&A where I can help you navigate the Virtual Assistant world! Schedule a chat.

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