Consciousness: Building a Brand with Permission to Fail!

Building a Brand with Permission to Fail!

Building a Brand with Permission to Fail!


Article by Sophie Mihalko
Photo Credit: Nancy Schoenmakers
Magazine: Issue #27

I used to get out of bed and look at my to do list. I would get dressed, get the kids ready for school and with a hot cup of coffee set out to do the best I could with what I got. 

I would deal with the problems, find the solutions, and feel somewhat accomplished to have solved things. I would take small steps toward growing a business I loved, knowing it was normal that it took so long since every one else was going through that growth process. 

But inside me was that gnawing feeling that something else was possible. 

Consciousness includes everything and rejects nothing, says Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness®. This means that being successful has as much value as failing. It means not feeling like doing something may create as much as doing 10 things on my list. It means NOTHING is bad nothing is good. Everything is allowed. 

When I first understood the true meaning of Consciousness I felt very uncomfortable. I had no more points of reference. But it also meant total freedom. I could make any video, write any blog post, create any product and if no one ever saw any of it, or bought any of it, I could no longer judge myself.

Wow! it gave me so much more room to create. The joy of my business was in the creation process, not in the result. I did not look at the analytics, at the receipts or any kind of result.

I was having fun, creating more than I ever knew and most of all I had so much more energy than before! I had never realized how much energy it took to do things right. Now, I was sleeping less time, ate less and felt much more energized. 

I am sure you know what follows. The money is in the bank and the people love how “crazy” I am.

Consciousness is the most expansive space to do business in. It allows me to be everything I always wanted to be, and everything I did not know I wanted to be. 

How does it get any better than that?


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