Top 5 MUST DO'S to Conquer Emotional Eating and Get On with Your Awesome Life!


Article by Emily Nelson
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Magazine: Issue #29

Conquer Emotional Eating

Conquer Emotional Eating

Do you find yourself eating when you aren’t hungry? Have you ever had that moment when you realize that you are eating just because you’re bored, anxious, lonely, or depressed? Well if so, my friend… you are likely an emotional eater.

One of the reasons that I had a major weight gain (and loss) is that I am a die-hard emotional eater. I used food as a comfort for loneliness and depression, as well as to celebrate joy and happiness. The problem is that no matter what the reason, when you emotionally binge, you always feel like shit in the end, when reality settles in and the problems you are avoiding come back to haunt you.

The problem is that emotional hunger can’t be filled with food. Girl, your problems gonna be there no matter how much you try to eat them away! And the emotional roller coaster? Cruel – you binge eat and experience a brief release from stress… but then the high wears off. You physically feel like a pile of garbage because you just literally filled your body with a bunch of garbage. Your energy wanes and you become lethargic. You beat yourself up for messing up again and for not having simple willpower. You stop caring about health because you feel like it’s hopeless at this point. Controlling your weight is impossible and you feel completely powerless against food and your feelings… See how this escalates into something very dangerous?

I was on that roller coaster and it was not fun.

Here’s what I realized: I needed to deal with my shit. Plain and simple. My body reflected my emotional turmoil. I had created an entire different set of problems – physical health problems - by avoiding the emotional problems that I had. It seems simple to fix, but if you have ever been in that deep, dark place, then you can understand how difficult it is to finally be real with yourself. It hurts, it’s scary, and it’s extremely humbling.  

Here are the top five rules I lived by to lose that extra weight and finally DEAL with my shit!

1. Figure out your Why.

Why do you want to change? I know you want to lose weight and be healthier, but let’s get really specific. Go deep, and then go even deeper. It might get uncomfortable, and that’s ok. You may find that it becomes your most intense motivator. Stay true to your why and you can’t go wrong.

2. Identify Your Excuses.

It takes a lot of courage and determination to find the truths behind a behavior. You must be aware of your own shortcomings and also your strengths. Do yourself a favor and stop making excuses. You will find that you are a LOT stronger than you think you are!

3. Learn to how to just STOP.

You have to step back and think about what you are doing. You have to snap out of it. It is very difficult in the moment to be able to stop, but it is imperative to do so. Stay strong in this, and consistently follow through. You are creating new neurological pathways and “retraining” you brain every time you do this. It’s not easy! But stay strong. There may be moments of hardship, but you are getting stronger each time you change your habit. You can do it!

4. Utilize the power of your inner dialogue to empower you, not sabotage you.

The power of self-talk is immense. I used to treat myself terribly, and why? I felt like I didn’t deserve happiness because I was fat. That is complete BS!!! Of course I did – and of course everyone in my life wanted me to feel happy. The only person holding me back from that was…me. 

I would never in a million years tell someone else the things that I was saying to myself, so why was that ok? It’s not ok. Love yourself, accept where you are and go from there. Find a mantra or affirmation to bring your confidence up. You are here for a purpose, just by being born, so honor yourself and give yourself a break. Geez. You deserve better! 

5. Have a PLAN.

I have been completely blown away by how much impact a simple plan has on someone’s life. It is a magical feeling when you accomplish a personal goal – there’s nothing else like it!

There are many ways you can choose to take on the challenge of conquering emotional eating. Remember that the road is bumpy. There will be setbacks. There will be slip-ups. And that is ok! It’s life – how could this process be perfect? Take one day, and one emotion at a time. Deal with the stuff that comes up and just keep moving forward. You were not meant to live a life of monotony. You were meant for a life of happiness and joy. 

Don’t just live your life – ROCK your life!

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