3 Steps To Achieving Your Goals and Getting What You Want In Life!

Achieving Your Goals

Achieving Your Goals


Article by Jentana Lee Dabbs
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #29

Have you experienced being so motivated and confident about something such as a fitness or business goal and then a few days later, that motivation and desire has come and gone like a California rainstorm?

Perhaps, you’ve made every effort to set and follow through on your goals, absolutely swearing that this time you are going to stick with it and then “poof” your motivation is gone, then you make every excuse in the world as to why you can’t follow through on your goal, which at the time, that excuse, such as the fact that your cat needs to be fed, seems to make lots of sense. Perhaps you did stick it through as far as you could and you hit so many obstacles and storms that you gave up on yourself “again.” And now, this has become a repetitive cycle of madness and you’re wondering what is wrong with you? It seems easy for everyone else, why can’t it be easy for you?

Maybe you have some judgments about yourself such as:

•    I have ADD
•    I’m a loser
•    I’m lazy
•    It’s the way I was raised
•    I just can’t deal with it now
•    Let me look further into the reasons why I can’t do this (searching for proof that supports your follow through failures.)
•    I need to stop and take a look at myself/my issues still (using the personal development mask to make you look good to yourself and “what you think” to others why you stopped again on your goals.)
•    I don’t have enough time
•    It’s so and so’s fault
•    If I had more time, money, better looking etc. 
•    There’s too many obstacles getting in my way, so I’ll put this off till I have more clarity, things get better, I’m in a better place in my life…etc.

There will always be some excuse that will seem reasonable enough to cause you to give up on your goals, until 10 years later you look back and find that you are still on the same hamster wheel of repetitive patterns with little to no changes in your life except for your age, weather patterns and the hair on your head.

Why do we give up on ourselves?

We give up on ourselves, because change is incredibly hard. We are stuck in a cycle of habit and comfort. Believe it or not, as much as some of us would like to change our circumstances, after years of the same way of being, old habits start to become like an old familiar friend. That habit good or bad, is the only habit we have known for so many years, we know what to expect and how to handle it. In a dysfunctional kind of way, we feel some sort of comfort and control therefore, we are afraid to release what’s familiar and go into the unknown. Our natural, primal instinct for survival goes into fight and flight mode, freezing us in our tracks and causing us to turn around and go back into our comfort zone, the second we hit an obstacle or feeling of discomfort. Only when our pain becomes stronger than the pain of change is when we make more of an effort to ride out the pain of change and make a move. It’s like the story of an old dog sleeping on a nail, the friend says to the farmer, “your dog is sleeping on a nail, don’t you want to do something?” The farmer says, “no, he’ll move himself when he’s uncomfortable enough.”

Uncomfortable yet?  
Chances are if you are reading this, then you have reached a certain level of discomfort in your life to finally want to not only do what it takes to have a better life and reach your dreams, but stick to it this time!

Here are 3 steps to sticking with and achieving your goals:

• STOPPING JUDGING YOURSELF! This is THE MOST important step, rather than wondering why something doesn’t work for you, discover what makes you tick and find what works for YOU to follow through and stick things out.

• While you are drifting asleep at night, repeat to yourself over and over again your goal for the next day, such as waking up at 6am and being energized to workout. We are in a natural state of hypnosis when we are falling asleep.

• Listen to a guided meditation, visualization or hypnosis recording to overcome some of your limiting beliefs or blocks daily. Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not, so with enough coaxing, your mind will begin to have full cooperation in helping you stick to your goals and get what you want in life!

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Jentana Lee Dabbs CHt. is a pattern interrupt expert and breakthrough strategist, who is committed to helping those truly determined to overcome their biggest challenges and bring their burning desires to realization when they’ve about fizzled out and call it quits.  She brings you one of the most powerful and hottest success igniting systems in the world today and literally trains your mind to not only take action and follow through on your goals but transforms you from self-doubt, fear and uncertainty into a high achieving power house, confidently owning who you are by being who you are. Download your FREE 4 part audio series Mastering The Art Of Persistence & Getting What You Want, When You Want To Give Up.

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