Does Manifesting Really Work?


By Angel Quintana

Does Manifesting Really Work?

Does Manifesting Really Work?

As I reflect on what has been accomplished since starting Holistic Fashionista in 2012, I feel exhausted just looking at the list. From filming my first documentary, starting a magazine, merging 12 websites into 1, growing a network of club members to over 200+ amazing business pioneers, launching the Holistic Fashionista Botanica, developing a business school, speaking on stage, launching a radio and TV network, publishing Holistic Fashionista's first collaborative book, and collaborating with influencers around the globe! It has been a BUSY last few years to say the least.

As I wind down, sipping a peppermint tea latte right here in my pajamas where it all started, I feel a sense of peace. Many of my projects nicely wrapped up and on their way, with many more to come, I finally feel as though my efforts were all worth it. While I said goodbye to a few colleagues and met an exceptional new tribe of leaders, I feel it all happened for a reason. The struggles were part of the journey and a VERY integral part of my personal voyage. I needed to grow. I needed to get burned. I needed to feel the agony of what it truly takes to run a business.

Just when you think you can't get any stronger, that life has already handed you too many lemons, the universe throws you a curve ball, which might bring you to your knees and lead you to tears. However, when those tears are running down your cheeks, smearing your winged black eyeliner and mineral foundation, I look in the mirror and think, "I know there is a master plan."

Being anxious, upset, excited, and anticipating what the universe will deliver to you tomorrow is all part of the entrepreneur's journey.

If you are my friend on Facebook, you already know that I ask the universe for what I want on a regular basis and it ALWAYS delivers. It might not show up exactly how I personally envisioned it, and it make take on many twists and turns, but the universe always delivers, every time. No exceptions.

To some the idea of manifesting might be silly, but it works. Gurus might make snide remarks that you cannot build a business simply on wishful thinking, but I wished and it came true. It was my wishful thinking that inspired me to work incredibly hard all these years to bring my dreams to light; it was wishful thinking that brought me my soulmate; it was wishful thinking that motivated me to think outside the lines and rebel against the norm; it was wishful thinking that dared me to dream bigger and not be afraid to say what I think, and it was the tears that reminded me that the universe is moving mountains every second to bring me whatever it is I wish for, especially my swanky boho dream office that I know is on the way so I may continue on my quest towards celebrating the individuality that lives inside every human being through the platform that is Holistic Fashionista.


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