How to Turn your Home into a Zen Sanctuary


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5 years ago I founded Brilliant Imports with the tagline “your sanctuary in design,” and with the intent to bring Zen into modern spaces by offering intentional pieces that can elevate and transform a room.

The beautiful décor Brilliant Imports offers makes the divine tangible to you whether by floating about the house in a Silk (hand-drawn) Wing Kimono Robe, adorning yourself in meaningful, symbolic hand-created jewelry, thoughtfully placing a Buddha or deity on an altar or in a vignette you create, or meditating on a Brilliant Imports Pouf or Meditation Cushion. Brilliant Imports, and the services offered bring inspirational beauty and sanctuary into your everyday life by providing self-discovery and sensory ritual thru our products.

One focus is on Buddha’s and deities, as they can act as gentle reminders for what they represent and have the tendency to create magic that up-vibes your home. I want to touch on some stunning and special deities that can bring sanctuary into your space. Think of them as Zen pieces of art that bring out what you already have within yourself.


Buddhism is a philosophical movement begun by a sage known as the Buddha Shakyamuni. Originating in the border area of present-day northern Indian and Nepal during 6th century BC. The goal of Buddhism is enlightenment, which means to be fully awake to the reality of life, to have an understanding that there is suffering in the world, and how it may be overcome. The teachings of Buddha show us a path that will eventually lead one to enlightenment. Having a Buddha statue in your home can remind you of this. Buddha can be represented in many forms and moods, from serene to a jolly monk.


Ganesha is a Hindu deity and ‘Remover of Obstacles.’ He is believed to swallow all of our problems and obstacles to create the pathway for our success. Conversely, Ganesha also places these obstacles in our path so that we can learn such lessons necessary to grow. This god of wisdom is believed to bring good fortune in Bali (where the current collection is curated from); the elephant god Ganesha is placed by the cashier to bring prosperity. As with all deities, there is symbolism within the statues (paintings, etc.). Some of the symbols you see in these statues are:



A large head; Think big

Large ears; Listen more

Small eyes; Concentrate

Rope; Pulling you nearer to the highest goal

One tusk; Retain the good and throw away the bad

Trunk; High efficiency and adaptability

Large stomach; Peacefully digest all good and bad in life

Small mouth; Talk less

Axe; To cut off all bonds of attachment


Shiva, Ganesha’s father and the Hindu Lord of the Dance, is often depicted showing off his moves. Known for his passion, he is the Hindu god of destruction and re-creation, which allows for the forthcoming of change.


Lakshmi, The Golden One or goddess of wealth, is the combination of the divine and the primal. She is culture and humanity. Her name means ‘mark’ or ‘signifier’ — reminding us that we all have a unique mark. Lakshmi is associated with abundance in all forms; culture, auspiciousness, passion and compassion, and she reminds us to find the lush, beautiful moments.


Krishna is the charming "Indian (or cosmic) cowboy” and a key god in the Hindu pantheon. His skin is the dark color of the sky representing his unlimited cosmic reach. You’ll often find him playing his flute and beckoning you to join in the fun.


Quan Yin is the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion, Mercy, and Loving Kindness. Her name is derived from the word 'Guanshiyin' which means, "observing the sounds (or cries) of the world." She holds a vessel of water (dew of compassion) that represents the quality of removing suffering while purifying our bodies, speech, and mind




Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of wisdom and learning. She is sometimes depicted as a swan, a holy animal that symbolizes the power to discern right and wrong, while strumming her vina. The name Saraswati comes from saras (meaning "flow") and wati (meaning "she who has"), hence this is the Goddess 'She Who Has Flow.' The white color of the goddess signifies spotless character and an immaculate mind.

Brilliant Imports Buddhas + Deities Collection will bring you an open-ended sense of discovery and multi-sensory ritual where India and Morocco mix with Bali. My team in Bali blesses all Brilliant Imports before they depart on their journey to the West. Perhaps my greatest pleasure is tracking the history of our pieces, connecting the artist to you, and revealing the discovery, creation, journey and meaning in every piece.

Brilliant Imports celebrates the beauty of craftsmanship and the daily pleasure it brings. Travel with me each time you appreciate your Brilliant Import. We bring you sanctuary in design.


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