Like It Or Not, Donald Trump Has a Strong Personal Brand

Donald Trump Has a Strong Personal Brand

Donald Trump Has a Strong Personal Brand


Article By: Gail Shapiro
Photo Credit: Dasha + Mari

By definition Donald Trump is a true example of a brand with a Charismatic Imprint.

Definition of Charismatic Imprint:

“A memorable impression created when personality, substance and antics result in popularity.” 

Just because he has one doesn’t mean everyone has to like it.  But that’s the point.  He tells it like he sees it.  There is no doubt about where he stands on issues.  Just ask and he’s happy to tell you.  He is truly authentic – no pretense.  Nothing is sugar coated.  The result?  You either love him or hate him.  

Let’s start with his Personality:  

No question he’s out there.  He puts people down.  He has no filter.  Nothing is off base with him.   Sometimes he comes across as a spoiled child, other times a bully.  Occasionally he engages in serious conversation about very real issues.  When a heckler showed up at one of his rallies he called for security to “get the baby out of here” and told the heckler to “go home to your mommy”.  Really?  This is the language of a presidential candidate?  But hey…some of you love the guy.   

His first wife Ivanka referred to him as “The Donald”.  There is truly no one like him.  He’s a stand out.  The one and only Donald Trump.

He is successful in business.  I know everyone is quick to point to his failures but it’s fair to say that most successful people have experienced some form of failure during their career.  Bottom line is he has had more successes than failures.

When it comes to political issues he has solutions.  Does everyone agree with them?  Likely not but then when has any leader had all the solutions for all problems and without opposition.  

Here’s where he shines.  He is animated.  He’s loud. He says and does things you remember him for, whether favorably or not.

I’m Canadian.  I don’t get to vote for or against him so my opinion doesn’t really matter.  I must say though that when it comes to The Donald everyone who has ever heard of him will either love him or hate him.  They will all have an opinion.  Most people know who he is and are not likely to forget him any time soon.

His followers are not sitting on the fence.  At the time I am writing this article it would appear that his stalkers just can’t get enough of him.  He keeps on winning.  Today he has no competition left in his race for party leadership.  He doesn’t fit the mold of a typical politician.  He doesn’t present himself as polished, sophisticated, conservative.  I can’t recall ever seeing him wear a striped tie.  He bucks the trend and it would appear that that’s what people want today.  Take our last Canadian election as an example.  We now have an inexperienced leader who wants to raise our sales tax to help offset his spending.  All in the name of change.  

Donald has chosen his niche; Americans who are tired of the “same old”.  

His message is clear:  Let’s make America great again.  Let’s bring jobs back to the citizens of the United States.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Whether The Donald becomes President of the United States remains to be seen but one thing is certain…this is a political race most Americans will remember for a lifetime.  Why?  Because of Donald Trump’s brand and it’s Charismatic Imprint!

P.S.  There is no political comment intended in this article, simply an observation of one candidate’s brand.

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