How to Practice More Self-Love (Part 1)

How to Practice More Self-Love (Part 1)

How to Practice More Self-Love (Part 1)


Written By: Tracy Elizabeth Roman

You can't help but notice that self-love is trending. Everyone wants to know if it is the culprit behind their problems, what the heck is self-love anyway and why should they care.

Loving or valuing ourselves is a delineator between those who have happy, meaningful lives and those that don't. Lack of self-love plays out in every area of our lives. It determines whether we get the job, promotion or raise. Whether we get to date the guy we really want or *Mr. Eh, he'll do for now.* Whether we're jazzed when we wake up in the mornings or we hit snooze 7x before reluctantly crawling out of bed. Most importantly, it determines whether we give ourselves the same care and compassion that we would give to someone we love dearly.

In short, not loving ourselves sends a message out into the Universe that we are not deserving of everything we want for ourselves, and that's a difficult realization to accept.

What can we do to start bringing in all that we desire to turn our lackluster life into one that lights us up like a 4th of July celebration? First, you must recognize that Tinkerbell is not going to wave a magic wand over your life and materialize all of your dreams in an instant. Action is a required component of this equation and there's no getting around that. Your soul incarnated as you to experience life, and that experience comes from doing, not sitting around wishing and hoping.

Below, I share a few nuggets of wisdom to help you start creating the life of your dreams:

Self-Love Nugget # 1
What are you avoiding? Self-love begins with self-knowledge. What emotions have you been unwilling to feel? What situations are you ignoring instead of dealing with them? This is key. Because you are creating your life from the level of consciousness (or awareness) that these suppressed emotions resonate at. My suggestion: get a massage. I find that when I go to the spa and have a restorative massage, I am more willing to look deeply within myself at the areas of my life I have been avoiding. Massage relaxes your muscles and your mind and allows your soul to reveal things to you that you would otherwise never know. Bring a journal with your and after your massage, sit in the spa's relaxation room and pour it out on paper.

Self-Love Nugget # 2
Daily rituals are not an indulgence; they are a requirement. We are bombarded by information at an alarming rate. You must find time, daily and preferably first thing in the morning, to spend time alone with your soul. Our soul speaks to us in the quiet moments, when the din of our thoughts is lowered. Try out different methodologies to see what works best for you: chanting, meditation, journaling, tapping, candle gazing, prayer, the list is endless. Find what suits you and then do it. Every day.

Self-Love Nugget # 3
Pay attention to what you are thinking. We habitually think the same self-defeating thoughts day in and day out. Become an observer. If you are reactive and negative, stop, inhale deeply, exhale and relax your shoulders. Then ask within: what am I thinking to cause this reaction? Allow the thoughts to flit across the blank canvas of your mind and observe them with curiosity rather than judgment, and a sincere desire to know yourself better. This is when awareness, aha's and self-understanding show up.

More Self-Love Nuggets await in Part 2 of How to Practice More Self-Love?

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