Feminism in Business: It's No Longer About the Men

Feminism in Business

Feminism in Business


Article by Priscilla Wainwright
Photo Credit: Fabiola Zamora
Magazine: Issue #24

“The Only Alternative to Being a Feminist is Being a Masochist.” – Gloria Steinem

The need for a Feminist Movement has never been greater. Hilary Clinton recently said, “The way women are treated today is more subtle, but no less damaging.”

Today, True Feminism is not about fighting for equality with men. True, there are still some issues yet to be won, such as the pay gap between men and women for the same work.

Today, the main thrust must be Healing and Reclamation.

True Feminism today, in this Millennium of the Woman, involves as much inner work as outer work.

Our main task is to recognize the wounding from the Patriarchal culture, heal those wounds and reclaim our Inner Tigress: to love, honor and fully embrace the true beauty and glory of the Feminine within us, take back our true female power and courage and start living our personal Authentic Truth WITHOUT shame, doubt, or apology.

We need to develop the courage to stop playing servile and limiting roles that hold us back and relegate us to 2nd class citizens. We need to stop putting ourselves down and start living and respecting ourselves magnificently. Only then will we stop playing small and get the full honor and respect from others that we desire and deserve.

Our task, then, is to transcend our culture and reform it, to eliminate gender bias and inequity. If you experience or witness ant sexist behavior, call ‘em out on it! Being quiet is tacit approval.

That task is huge, but it can be done if we women all work together. But first, we as individuals must come forth strong in our feminine power and let the world see that we are every person’s equal and NO ONE’S FOOL OR TOY. We’re EQUALS, not SEQUELS!

We must also stop our relentless competition with other women, restore harmony, and support and elevate each other in the process of mutual healing and transcendence.

Then and only then can we heal the world, using our Feminine tools, skills and powers. 

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Nadine Newlight said, “The Future is Female”.

The Dalai Lama said, “The World will be saved by the Western Woman”.

He is so right, but before we can save the world, we must each first save ourselves. Only then can we come together collectively to maximize our Feminine Power for good.

It is the mission of InnerTigress.com to be a powerful voice and essential resource in the healing and transformation of individuals and the world. At www.InnerTigress.com, you will lovingly receive the support you need.

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