Fuel Your Business With These 4 Strategies

Fuel Your Business

Fuel Your Business


Article by Kimberly Manning  
Photo Credit: Jeannine Chanin Penn

Fire is a change agent. It can turn ordinary metal ores into gorgeous art, transform water into mist, or make dust from a tree. We can find opportunities to grow our business when we learn to harness the energy cycle of fire. 

Many entrepreneurs tend to focus on the flame, the big stuff that happens in business. These are the catalysts that can vault you and your biz to new levels. Experiencing this type of energy in your business is awesome. Your beautiful new website has just gone live.  A publisher calls. Your product is being profiled in Oprah. It’s invigorating, affirming, and … infrequent. 

When we fixate on the blaze, we can miss opportunities that exist in the entire cycle of fire which can support our business for the long haul. While we strive for more fiery opportunities in our business, the reality is that they’re only one part of the cycle of fire. Look to the other aspects of this energy that exist within your business. You’ll find new fuel for your business as you harness The Cycle of Fire.


They birth flames. Can you strike out with a new product or service, share a blog article that pushes the edge in your industry, or do some brand tweaking to better align you with your biz? These are actions you create that can set your business on fire.

Glowing embers...

A constant source of heat in your business. Look at where you’ve got traction in your business. That signature program that consistently delivers results for your clients. The conversations you and your tribe community are engaged around. The leveraged online program that sells while you’re sleeping. These keep the lights – and the heat – on in your business. Find what’s glowing and keep it stoked.


A source of heat, light and transformation. Spectacular, awe-inspiring, light-up-the-sky kind of opportunities are the flaming fire in your business. This is the segment of the Cycle that puts you on the proverbial map, and can propel you and your business skyward. Like successful product launches, amazing PR opps and hitting a best-seller list. Make a bonfire. Bring out the s’mores and champagne.


The by-product of transformation. We may think of ashes as the waste from fire, but they’re really the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. There’s gold in that dust. Be like an archeologist and examine the ashes for new life in your business. A successful product or service offering that has run its course can become a free offer or bonus that adds value to your clients while they engage in other work that you offer.

It’s OK to be drawn to the fiery aspects in your business, just don’t forget the riches within the other expressions of fire. Learn to harness all of the manifestations of fire energy in your business to fuel your success. Your business looks good aglow.

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