Superpowers of Women Entrepreneurs




Article by Kimberly Manning
Photo Credit: Tracy Campoli

Alchemy, the ancient chemistry that changed base metals into gold, drew from female Goddess Wisdom for the inspiration to transform one compound into another. Words and images that evoke female goddesses, saints and sages infuse the pages of alchemy manuscripts of old.

What did these women possess that helped wizards and magicians to catalyze their chemistry? Women have the ability to create, relate and change. These are qualities required to make alchemy – transformation. 

Business provides a transformation for the client. Whether you sell skin creams to reduce wrinkles, a coaching program that helps replace old thoughts and behaviors with updated ones, or jewelry that makes a ho-hum outfit dynamite, every business delivers an experience of change to their client. 

Entrepreneur, you are an alchemist!

You have great power as a woman to change the world, especially from the platform of business owner/entrepreneur. The world needs enlightened, holistic entrepreneurs like never before. This is your time and as a woman, you bring unique gifts to business. Here are just a few.


Women bring new creations into the world. We birth babies, ideas and ideals. Because of the bond we share with our creations, we care for these with a maternal instinct. We know what is required to nurture our babes and we will fight with all our might to protect our progeny. Women have an especially good sense of right timing, and we possess an innate sensitivity that understands the feelings, emotions and needs of others. 
These skills of creatrix, mother and nurturer have incredible management applications. Can you see them? Claim these gifts as a natural business Goddess in your own venture.


Women are expert collaborators. While our cavemen were away hunting woolly mammoths we tended the tribe at home, working together to ensure our network functioned smoothly, safely and efficiently. Networking, forming teams and collaborating are skills that come naturally to most women. They are the same skills that are required for business leadership, especially in the new age. Several high-profile business gurus have written that feminine leadership skills, especially collaboration, are required for today’s CEOs and business leaders.

Power up your business with your skills of collaboration, in person and through social media. Make relationships. Build and tend your network. Forge alliances.

Change Agent.

Each month a woman is transformed through her menstrual cycle. We understand change intuitively, and if you run a business, you know that change is a constant. 

Business follows a cycle and when you understand the phases you can run your business with more success, and ease. You’ll know when to add resources, like a new online selling platform or a VA, when to scale back (an older premium product is ready to be re-packed as the easy on-ramp for new clients) and when to blow something up and reinvent. Be an agent of the right kind of change in your business.

You are a wizard, a magician, an alchemist in your business. Whatever your business, you create transformation for your clients. As a woman, you bring unique gifts to entrepreneurship. Harness your Girl Superpowers and transform the world, one client at a time. 

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