3 Tips To Get Out Of Your Head, Into Your Heart + Making Money


Get Out Of Your Head, Into Your Heart + Making Money

Get Out Of Your Head, Into Your Heart + Making Money

Article by Monique Alamedine
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #21

I’ve always been very articulate when it comes to arbitrary topics. The deep emotional stuff however, was another story. My business has suffered massively because I couldn’t talk about the deep stuff that REALLY mattered. My brain shuts down, my jaw literally won’t open and I feel so choked and alone.

It’s taken so much time and effort to get to this point, and whilst I will always be a work-in-progress, I want to share three things with you that have really helped me breakthrough.

1 :: It’s None Of My Business What Others Think About Me.

Pretty self explanatory I know, but the reality is that we’re always worried about what others say about us – even when we ‘supposedly’ don’t care. Do you know how much energy is wasted on living up to self-created public images or others expectations? It’s tiring and de-motivating – do you really believe you have the energy to maintain this facade gorgeous? I think not.

Which brings me to my next point.

2 :: Make A Plan And Then Surrender.

Whilst it may feel great to be a go-getting action taker, it’s just as important (if not more so) that you have a clear vision of how you’re going to get there. In the past I have actually tried to map EVERYTHING out. Blog posts, monthly themes, FB posts, newsletter articles and the list goes on.

I can tell you from personal experience – this does NOT work.

Once you’re up and running, it makes sense to get some order and forward plan. Now if you try to do this when you’re already panicked about getting started, it’s pretty much guaranteed to propel you into overwhelm.


Get clear on your vision, your big fat WHY, how you’re going to communicate your message to your peeps and what mediums you will use to deliver. Then allow the rest to unfold. Now is the time to trust, yourself and especially your gut feeling sugar pie.

3 :: Stop Thinking + Start Doing.

Think about all the ‘successful’ entrepreneurs you know. The only thing standing between you and them, is that they took consistent action. They didn’t ‘plan’ to take action – they just did it! They knew what they wanted, focused and maintained consistency. They didn’t put off writing that blog post or making that call because they had to see 10 steps in advance.

Follow your intuition and it won’t lead you astray. Nike said it best – Just Do It. Don’t let another year pass you by. 2015 has an amazing manifesting energy – take it in, use it and pay it forward by helping others grow too.

If you’re struggling to find your voice, or your mojo has been on holidays way before the festive season even started, then you need a Zen Hustler Soul Session. It’s a powerful combination of intuitive life guidance and business strategy that’ll pull you out of Mediocre Land, and into Awesome World.

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Monique Alamedine is an Intuitive Biz Coach + Spiritualist who believes that 'success' means being centered & crazy ambitious - all at the same time. She calls this being a Zen Hustler - and she's on a mission to help you become one too. When she's not writing or coaching, you can find her drinking herbal tea through a glass straw, trying to hoola hoop & dreaming of ways to inject more sparkle and love into the world. Grab her Zen Hustler Soul Session while you can, for a limited time save $100.00

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