3 Keys To Taking The Weirdness Out Of Talking About Yourself

Taking The Weirdness Out Of Talking About Yourself

Taking The Weirdness Out Of Talking About Yourself


Article by Christian Marie Herron
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #21

Imagine you are in a meeting.  All of your colleagues or business friends are sitting around a large table politely chatting and maybe even laughing with each other. They all look so at ease, so comfortable don’t they?

But you don’t.  You feel your body tensing up as you look around. That old familiar feeling of anxiety blooming across your chest and filling up with dread at the thought of having to talk about yourself.

Or perhaps the scenario is that you are on the phone with a prospective client and they want to hear more about what you do.  Do you have your signature pitch ready? Do you feel at ease or do the words sort of tumble out of your mouth and onto the floor like a missed shot at the wastebasket?

Talking about yourself can be hard but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are 3 ways to help take some of the weirdness out of talking about yourself.

1 :: Intention

Set the intention that you will feel comfortable, no matter what.  Plant your feet on the ground and take five deep breaths before the meeting. This will help ground you. Then imagine yourself speaking clearly and confidently.

2 :: Phrasing

Practice talking about what you are good at. This is not arrogance. People want to know that you are confident about what you do.  Create a tag line that sums up what you do.

For example, I am an Intuitive Storyteller and Brand Strategist. I do more than just write stories.
I help business owners communicate their value by designing powerful narratives. 


If you sell cars for a living you are more than just a “sales person”, you have a specialty, a unique quality that sets you apart.

You could say:  “I take the headache out of the car buying process by finding the exact car you want at the best possible price. “

3 :: Showing Up

Consider it a privilege to have been invited to meeting or that a prospective client has chosen to speak with you. Honor the moment by being fully present and by giving your full attention.  People respond positively to people who behave as if they truly care.  

Prove them right by giving them your best. 

Want more ease when talking about yourself?  Check out my Story By Design Program where I help business owners create powerful brand stories that sell. 

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Christian Marie Herron is an Intuitive Storyteller + Brand Strategist. She is the founder and owner of Herron Media, a boutique, bespoke storytelling and branding company serving entrepreneurs and small businesses in a variety of industries. Her joy is helping business owners weave together the symphony of their personal experiences, talent and desires into a powerful Brand Story that helps them attract more clients and make more money. Find out more about her Story By Design Program.

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