Here's How a Spiritual Entrepreneur Can Become a Visionary Leader


Article by Jessica Valor



Business is not complicated. 
It is work, and it is flow, and it is fun. 
It requires you to show up and be seen. 
It requires you to build relationships and connect with people.

And another course is not going to get you there.

You need real life consultants and other eyes on your business. 
You need a healer to help you cure doubt and hold space for you to get a strong mindset. You need a community to connect with and expand your vision.

As a Visionary Business Mentor, I believe you need the following to be successful in business + create big impact with your message. (I know this works because of the proven success made by my clients.)

1. You need to make money. In order to make money, you need to sell what you offer. This is the same thing as serving and loving others, and you need to master your mindset to increase income and generate profits.

2. Your ideas are amazing, but you have to focus on ONE thing and sell that. Ideas do not generate cashflow. With a custom strategy, you will be able to blend your different ideas into ONE main offering and create a sales funnel that makes. With this, you will be happy with because you will not have to say no to your genius ideas, but you will need to get clear, and this takes another set of eyes and brains on your business.

3. Get over your excuses and doubt. You have to let go, leap into the unknown, and heal whatever is in the way of trusting you and your creator. This requires you to have a healer hold space for you.

4. Be you— not a cookie cutter model and no comparing. Be you and do you— that is WHY we buy from you. This requires brand clarity and strategy along with a content creation plan of action that works for your schedule. Also, have to be organized to stay on track and not get overwhelmed.

5. You cannot do it alone. Accountability and a consultant’s eyes on your business are necessary. You need feedback and space held to gain momentum and not get stuck.

6. Master your energy and get support from a master healer to help you get there. To become fully expressed and hold big space for others, you MUST first increase your capacity and expand your energy field.

I can hear the “but I am just not sure “ or I "cannot afford it" chatter in your mind … In fact, I can feel that doubt and the busy energy buzzing around in your head.

You do NOT have to live that way, and it is time to STOP holding yourself back and get over these hang ups that are NOT your TRUTH!

Your truth is that you are magnificent, and everything is always working out for you. When you tell the Universe YES, really good things happen, and I promise are on their way to you right now.

Are you ready to stop HOLDING BACK on elevating your dreams?

Are you ready to throw in the too busy towel and figure this freedom thing out?

Because your next level success is waiting for you and it is truly remarkable how FAST things can shift for you if you integrate these key elements and drop the doubt.

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