The Fear of Ego and the Power of Soul


Article by Chrystal Rhea



Riding the waves across the astral plane got you feeling a little off?

Don’t let anyone tell you that, the “Astral Feels” are not a thing. They most definitely are a thing that the natural rhythms of our body tap into intuitively.

You are a masterpiece full of planetary magic given at birth. Your natal chart is the roadmap to your character. If you align your life to the astral stamp when the stars aligned, at the exact moment of your birth, you can walk the path of your highest purpose. This path is not for the faint of heart and comes with all the feels.

Following the cycles of the moon as SHE waxes and wanes enables us, as women, to tap into our own cycle.

Embracing every mood, emotion, and phase from The New Moon, manifesting our desires, to The Full Moon, releasing what no longer serves us. What a powerful way to tap into your own innate knowing and wisdom in order to navigate this thing called life! But do you often wonder WHY you feel the way you feel on any given day throughout the month? Have you considered that your Emotional Body is tuning into the undercurrent of emotions surfacing with the transiting planets and the cycles of the moon?

Emotions are the body’s way of communicating.

If we allow ourselves to explore what the ego mind is bubbling to the surface, we may just be able to embark on the self-discovering journey of our soul’s evolution. However, we must first surrender to doing the work of embracing what makes us uncomfortable by working with the Emotional Body in order to process the feedback rising to the surface. While doing this, it is also beneficial to incorporate what I like to refer to as ”Cosmic Oil Magic”, using the practical magic of essential oils for emotional aromatherapy.

It is important to understand the power of using aromatherapy on the unconscious/subconscious mind while using the emotional body as a key to unlocking health, harmony, and balance. We all are searching for something to fill our cups. Our soul is seeking purpose and how we choose to live our own individual lives will determine if that purpose is reached in this lifetime or the next.

Working with the Emotional Body is an opportunity to re-parent and nurture ourselves with compassion, love, and acceptance. Our Emotional Body is our innate connection to the heart where our soul resides. It is a link to the inner child that is full of feelings based on our real life experiences. The Emotional Body is necessary for us to process feedback (emotions) in order to evolve to our highest self. It is the gateway to our soul’s purpose.

The Emotional Body is influenced and guided by our ego, the part of us in which the inner child expresses its wants and desires. The key is tune in, listen, learn, and allow yourself the space to truly feel and release lower vibrational emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, low self-worth, and doubt. The ego is a necessary voice that calls on us to surrender and discern the emotional clues. There are no bad emotions and the emotional body is not something we should strive too detach from or hide. I like to refer to the Ego as our warrior spirit, the fighter that has mastered the skill of adapting to the circumstances of life in order to survive.

We hear a lot about detaching or separating ourselves from the ego in order to transcend. Transcendentalism was developed by Immanuel Kant based on the idea that, in order to understand the nature of reality, one must first examine and analyze the reasoning process which governs the nature of experience. The Emotional Body is the human source of reasoning. It is the core root that makes us human. Without feelings and emotions life becomes a void. The key is to allow yourself to become comfortable with full exposure, embracing the light and dark shadows of your personality. Letting it all hang out. The raw vulnerability of complete self-acceptance through compassion forgiveness and love.

When you can connect with your emotional body and trust your intuition to discern what is true for you, the inner child feels safe. You become comfortable with the uncomfortable. You alchemize the pains of your past, step into your power, and rise to walk the path of your destiny. The ego no longer becomes a negative influence in your life; it becomes a sounding board for the inner child, to express and leave clues, as one develops individual strengths which help to form the foundation of magic that makes you the unique individual you are.

This journey of the soul’s evolution began at birth the exact moment your soul chose this life of yours, all of it. The stars aligned and left a cosmic imprint on your soul, which is the roadmap to discovery of your life’s purpose. The Emotional Body is the compass in which your heart guides you to answer the questions, “Who am I?”, “What is my Purpose?”, and “What gifts can I share?”. The true meaning of life is to find purpose. Through purpose we find fulfillment.

It can take several lifetimes and lessons stuck on repeat to embody who you were meant to be. Connecting to the “Astral Feels” is one way to explore the wisdom of your emotional body and the feedback of your soul. There is a Higher Power guiding each of us to become one with ourselves grounded in nature. The stars aligned for YOU, what magic do you have to share? Declare it under the light of the Moon.

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