The Holistic Path to Your Next Big Idea


Article by Kimberly Manning
Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
Magazine: Issue #25

Holistic Path to Your Next Big Idea

Holistic Path to Your Next Big Idea

In our go-go world, it seems that successful folks simply pop or drop into their brilliant idea or business. It may look like they’ve achieved instant success, but the truth is, there’s foundational work to be done on the way to your next big thing. Oh, and PS: it’s an inside job.

It’s easy to get lost in the warp speed world of business, with its heavy dose of masculine and addiction to high energy. What can get lost is the (w)holistic path to your next big thing. In order to move forward, you’ve got to go within. Here’s the Integrative Living Design perspective.

Place your idea in the Cosmic Womb. Whatever you are ruminating in your heart or head, give it over to the Great Mother of All Things. Divine inspiration and guidance are two of the gifts you’ll receive when you let the cosmic womb of your higher consciousness work. 

I’ve had clients who write their idea on a piece of paper, literally plant that in a potted plant or garden, and then turn it over to the cosmos. Just like a seed germinating in the earth, your ideas need time to be nurtured, to gather energy, to stretch. All before they emerge above the surface. 

Shhhh. While things are gestating, preserve the energy of your idea by keeping it to yourself. Often we get excited and we want to share our idea with a friend or colleague, however, this dissipates the energy. Not to mention that a well-meaning but critical comment could send you and your confidence off the tracks. 

Until you’re ready for primetime, don’t share. There will be ample time to gather folks round your campfire to discuss, tweak, etc., but in the fragile time of your idea’s birthing, keep it quiet.

Walk through liminal space. Liminal comes from the Latin word for “a threshold.” Liminal space is that delicate place between where things have been percolating quietly and the open air. Many people struggle with this in-between time. It’s messy and a little uncomfortable as you learn new ways of being and doing. Instead of fighting, embrace this sacred space. Understand that you’re entering new terrain, that you can’t and don’t know everything yet, and that in the uncertainty lies potential. Walk through that space, confidently and with trust in your abilities. So much lies across that threshold.

The holistic path to your next step begins with a focus inward. By taking the time to go inward, you allow your idea to crystallize and energize. It will emerge into the world|marketplace in right timing and with great strength. 

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