How to Buy Art for Your Home Office


Article by Candace Turner

How to Buy Art for Your Home Office

How to Buy Art for Your Home Office

Birds are singing their songs early morning, the air is smelling a little sweeter and daylight is lasting a bit longer. Spring has sprung Y'all! There are so many spring cleaning tips and tricks out there but I’m ditching my broom for now and using some fresh new pieces of art instead!  Here are my 3 art buying life hacks will have your home or office spritely in no time.

Spring Hack #1 - Getting Started

First things first, take down any existing art you have hanging and get reacquainted with your space + naked walls. This also helps you remember what art stays and what art goes elsewhere (because reduce, reuse, recycle right?)

I like to tape pieces of newspaper together into squares and rectangles + arrange them on the wall so I know what size art pieces I'll be on the look-out for.

Spring Hack #2 - Pin(terest) Your Way to Your Personal Style

Pinterest is all the things, amirite?!?  Use the handy app and pin to your heart’s content. Spend this time getting to know what kind of art tickles your fancy.

Spring Hack #3 - Color Blocking

Color Blocking is hot, hot, hot right now in fashion, so why not borrow from Fashion Week?! As we transition from winter to spring, our palettes slowly ease out of the autumnal navy, gray, and oxblood hues and into lighter, brighter, spring-ier colors. To freshen up your space, color blocking is a simple + bold way to enliven any space. Forget any “rules” about clashing; this is about graphic appeal and instant personality. My current color combo obsessions are electric pink + metallic gold + cream.

Spring Hack #4 - Ball on a Budget

You have to make a bagillion dollars per hour to afford art said no one ever! If you're balling on a budget DIY your space by printing out images (or rip out pages from magazines) you love (hello again Pinterest) + buy a bunch of picture frames from the dollar store and presto! You have a cool new gallery style wall. If you have a bit more change to throw around, go to a few local galleries in your town. You are guaranteed to find art that you love plus you've supported a local artist.

There you have it, you awesome thing you.  Spring is about new beginnings and fresh starts. Hope you enjoy re-freshing your space with art!

"Art is the stored honey of the human soul.” Theodore Dreiser
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