How to Feel Beautiful When You Don't

How to Feel Beautiful

How to Feel Beautiful


Article by Kelly St. Claire
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

1| Find your essence

Who are you on the inside? What essence lives in your soul?

What are the deepest secrets that you carry? Are you afraid to look at them?

Do you have a beautiful, sensitive core? Are you a dynamic catalyst for change? Are you a 'way-shower?'

Those inner presents are the keys to your unique beauty. You don't want to just look/be like everyone else, do you?

I call it your 'you-ness', and it's key to find out who you are, and in order to find your outer beauty, you must first connect with and BELIEVE in your inner beauty. Sound cliche? Well, it's the truth and that's why you have heard it before. I know it's not easy, but finding the essence that is hard to define inside of you, and believing in it's beauty is the only way you will have that 'it', that 'wow' factor.

2| Express your essence

Now you know a few things about yourself and are learning to accept/love them. Perhaps you are an 'empath' or a 'dreamer' or a 'catalyst.' Those are abstract concepts. In order to channel them out into the world, you must l align with and express them.

Are you in alignment with your core essence? How do you sparkle and shine in a way that honors who you really are?

Are you in alignment with your core essence? How do you sparkle and shine in a way that honors who you really are?

We are meant to be unique and beautiful. There are no 'ugly' souls.

Connect with and express your true beauty. Write your manifesto.

Manifesto is a statement to declare your beliefs, motives and intentions. So many people are not clear about this, either all or part of it, and this waters you down, you make less of an impact in your world.

Do you have no idea how to carry out these two steps? I can help.

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Kelly St Claire

Kelly St. Claire, the ‘Sparkle your Ass off’ guide, Healing Coach, Teacher, Inner Beauty Mentor. Dancing queen and life artist. I have worked with women to bring out their beauty for over 25 years. I work with women who are needing a boost, some support, and to find inspiration to make a fresh start. It’s never too late!I help you find that physical, spiritual, and energetic essence. Let's explore the Akashic Records and find your manifesto at Kelly St. Claire.

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