How to Maintain Your Virgin Hair

Maintain Your Virgin Hair

Maintain Your Virgin Hair


Article by Torrie Raecole
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Virgin hair extensions is a market that's has been sweeping theBeauty, hair and cosmetics business !

Nowadays when it comes to getting hair extensions, people want the bestQuality of hair, not only because it looks good and has a soft texture but its mainly Because ofthe fact that its long lasting, you get your moneys worth and one of the Main benefits of virginhair is that it gives off a natural look and feel !

In this article you guys will learn the benefits of virgin hair and how to takecare of it !

Taking care of the hair:

Virgin hair is best known to be unprocessed hair from many donors, and just like any type ofhair, it does dry up !! Please follow the instructions below on how to maintain the hair when itgets dry!

Boiling the hair is one of the best methods used by hair professionals including the ones atGorgeous Luxe Hair! it restores the hair and sometimes even looks better than when you firstpurchased it !

How to do this method: (you need: conditioner, an old towel, a comb)

1. Bring a pot of water to a stove
2. Wait for water to boil
3. While the water is boiling make sure to comb out the hair,start from the bottom,work
your way up
4. when the water is boiled put about 4 generous drops of any conditioner
5. Put the hair in the water and mix with a fork
6. Wait at least 15 minutes before removing the hair
8. Leave the hair on an old towel and let dry
9. after hair is dried add some hair products to the hair to moisturize the hair

Gorgeous Luxe Hair specializes in selling top quality virgin hair at excellent prices and of alltypes. Our mission as a company is to show off the benefits of wearing hair extensions andsupporting women who want to know more about the hair industry.

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Torrie Raecole is a Sociology student, a businesswoman and a hair guru.She is big on women rights, she loves teaching young girls and women the value of loving themselves and teaching them various things on everyday things that affect the woman. Learn more at Gorgeous Lux Hair.

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