June Tarot Reading: How to Find Spiritual Evolution Through Surrender


Reading by Angel Quintana

How to Find Spiritual Evolution Through Surrender

How to Find Spiritual Evolution Through Surrender

I don’t know about you, but over the past 4 months, it’s been a bumpy spiritual voyage. For the empaths, psychics, mediums, and spiritually conscious folks, have you noticed the complexities of your inner journey?

It’s as if the world began moving fast, spinning on its axis and throwing lessons, hardship, and turmoil to the wind. With every breath I feel empowered, then challenged, then strong, then weak. It’s this constant yin and yang and cosmic pull that has me feeling anything but totally grounded (and that’s a lot coming from a triple earth sign!)

As I pulled three cards for this month’s tarot reading, I handled the cards with extra care. I asked the cards delicately to deliver a message that would speak to our high selves in a way that would be digestible — I just couldn’t handle any abrupt Tower or Devil cards! Luckily, those didn’t appear.

The first card I pulled was The Magician and I gotta be honest, I seem to pull this card a lot and I’m grateful because he’s magickal. In the past position he reminds us that we wished upon a star, we journaled and got clear about what it is we desired, we put our hands up and left it to The Universe to deliver and while using our individual creativity to ask with clarity and consciousness. And that we did.

And the dreams began to manifest and unfold; it truly felt like magic. The world was twisting and turning and we were there for the ride, knowing mindfully that The Universe was simply moving mountains for each of us to bring about our intentional desires. And we were beyond grateful.

But things began to shift and trying times awaited us and there is nothing like the present moment to yank us out of daydreaming and fairytale book endings to remind us the journey is not over; in fact it’s only just begun.

With the Five of Wands in the present position, we are fighting internal battles that's leaving battleground wounds. Whether you’re experiencing a broken heart, trying times with friends and family, or your business now feels on shaky grounds, it is all part of the manifesting process.

The Five of Wands depicts not one or two inner wars, but five. They are all competing for your attention, and yet none of them is willing to wait their turn to be sorted out. No, they are instead fighting with each other, which only makes the emotional upset feel incredibly disjointed.

What once was excitement for the future in its early manifesting stages, now feels like a personal attack that we have done something wrong; that we have made a wrong turn or a wrong move, when it’s simply the contrary.

Everything that is meant to be in divine timing. Yes, even the battlefield.

The Five of Wands is trying to tell us that this inner feud is part of the spiritual path to self growth.

It is a time to stand still with your inner conflicts and sort them out. It’s a time to pause and stand in your power; take a breath. This often means you are currently NOT standing in your power, hence your surroundings are in turmoil.

When you ask The Universe to step in to assist you in the manifesting process, it does more than it’s share of work. The bigger the dream or desire, the more mountains that need to be moved, and by mountains I’m metaphorically speaking of your inner demons.

You’re being presented with these conflicts as part of the manifesting stage. While it was divine to have blooming flowers, clarity in our journal entries, and aligning of the stars and planets, turmoil is always the next stage to take your desire to the next level— the REAL level you wished for!

It is time for you to take responsibility for yourself (and actions) to create inner peace, for without this peace you will not be able to move forward with your desired goal and outcome.

Once you begin this process, the wands will slowly come down as you surrender to The Universe. It is not your job to control the outcome, it is your job to surrender, put down your weapons and make mends with yourself.

Once you have the strength to do this, you’ll be presented with an incredible gift: The Chariot.

The Chariot represents confidence and determination. The image depicts a person standing in front of two sphinx, representing the positive and negative. The Chariot is in charge and is assertive in his capabilities. The more you lean into your confidence and perseverance, the more you will be rewarded.

However, you must maintain your focus and self-discipline. This is where your spiritual practice becomes imperative, for to reach your desired goal or intention there will also be obstacles. It is your spiritual dedication that will give you the self awareness to handle any positive or negative circumstance that disrupts the flow of your goal.

As the age-old saying goes, “Whatever is worth having is worth fighting for,” for nothing that is worth having is ever easy.

You must align yourself starting today to work throw the wands that are keeping you in turmoil, bring them to rest and ask them to put down their weapons. The weapons are merely a metaphor for you to surrender and let the power of The Universe bring you to shore where love and serenity reside.

Once you have done so, The Chariot will be your guide to utilize your newfound spiritual evolution to stand tall in your future endeavors as you maintain your authority without ego and with full self-awareness. 

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