How to Give Your Style a Unique Look with Artisan Made Accessories

with Artisan Made Accessories

Article by Jimena Quan
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Style with Artisan Made Accessories

Style with Artisan Made Accessories

Giving your style a unique look is not as hard as you might imagine - it can be as easy as wearing a unique accessory. Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds. Artisan-made accessories are great options for creating a unique look because they offer one-of-a-kind designs and great craftsmanship. More and more people are searching for these types of products as people are looking for new alternatives to create their style and to support artisans and designers that bring together their culture and traditions to the contemporary world.

Artisans and designers are using handcrafted textiles to design pieces that can be worn every day. The variety is limitless. Here two options to make your style unique with artisan made accessories:

1. Guatemalan Textile Clutches

Clutches have always been the perfect accessory to dress up any outfit and Guatemalan artisan-made textile clutches are even better as they come in a variety of designs and colors. The textile in this type of clutch is loom-weaved, a technique that is very neat to watch if you get the chance to travel to Guatemala. The patterns and designs of some of the textiles can even tell you what part of the country the artisan is from. When choosing a vibrant clutch with tons of colors, it’s better to wear a more solid or neutral outfit so the clutch will add the perfect pop of color. You can also find these clutches in neutral colors for everyday wear. Some clutches include removable straps to make it easier to carry

2. Wayuu Bags

Wayuu handbags are another great option to add a beautiful and unique piece to your personal style. Wayuu handbags are made in La Guajira, Colombia by the Wayuu Tribe. These bags are made by hand and some of them can even take up to 15 to 20 days to make depending on the design and thread used. These bags also come in a wide variety of designs and colors and each one of them is unique. Large enough to fit all of your everyday items, they are perfect for every day wear. 

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Jimena is a MBA graduate with passion for entrepreneurship. She is the Co-Founder of Kokay, which wascreated with the idea of making artisan made pieces available to everyone. Kokay is a team based in the United States that has built a passion for exploring and sharing new cultures while living in and traveling to different countries. So where can you find these unique pieces if you are not traveling soon? Visit Shop Kokay.

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