How to Practice More Self-Love (Part 2)


Written By: Tracy Elizabeth Roman
Photo Credit: Dasha + Mari


Self-Love Nugget # 4

Let go. Look around at your physical space. Where you live has a vibration/energy all its own and if you are doing everything right but seeing no improvement in your thoughts and actions, take a look around. What are you holding onto? Old clothing? Unused/unflattering makeup or skincare? Broken furnishings? Toxic neighbors? When we don't care for ourselves we tolerate situations and people that are detrimental to our wellbeing. Unsupportive relationships, clutter, old makeup and clothing that we will never use but we keep because we "spent money on it". Toss that shit. It is contributing to your lower level energy. Spend 10 minutes daily purging your physical space of what you don't need and haven't used in the past 12 months. You will be amazed at how quickly your energy and mood lifts.

Self-Love Nugget # 5

Re-examine your relationships. This is a tough one because we love our friends and family and, let's be real here, we are afraid of being judged by them as stuck up or snooty. This is your life and the one thing I can pinky swear is true, people will think what they think about you REGARDLESS of what you do. So, choose whom you associate with. If your parents or siblings are negative, limit your exposure to them until you can maintain your higher level of awareness (and composure) in their presence.

And when you are tempted to backslide because you feel misunderstood by your family, remember that they are on their own individual journey and may choose to stay unconscious, reactive or unaware. You cannot take on their spiritual growth for them, so you must be willing to move forward on your own path rather than stay miserable in a relationship that does not support your personal evolution. I'm not saying this is easy.

I, too, still have difficulty in this area. Just know that there is absolutely no need for you to pick up sticks and move to another state—be gentle with yourself, keep putting one foot in front of the other and know that you'll get where you need to go at the right time.

I suggest that you read this article at least 3x. I find that when I re-read or re-listen to something multiple times, I pick up even more bits of wisdom that I had previously missed.

Our awakening as individuals, and collectively, is not an accident. It is a Divine plan and one which your soul agreed to when it [re]incarnated as you. Lack of self-love is but one way in which we keep ourselves from reaching our full potential out of fear. There is a plan for your life. But, in order to experience it, you must loosen your grip on what is, trust in your soul's guidance and operate from faith—not blind obedience—but a solid understanding of who you are as a soul and the evolutionary journey that is yours and yours alone.

Believe in yourself, believe in the dream in your heart and be open to the promptings of your soul.
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