How to Promote and Market a Holistic Business

How  o Promote and Market a holistic Business

How  o Promote and Market a holistic Business


Article: Angel Quintana
Photo: Dasha & Mari

Promoting a holistic business needs to be done with care. You got into business to make money, but you also got into business to truly make a difference. That ingredient is what makes you different. You see, your message is about humanities and love. Not to sound mushy here, but when you market a holistic business you need to do so with care.

As a holistic business, you have a personal attachment to what you are selling because (most likely) you once struggled with this problem. So when you reach down deep in your soul, it doesn't a part of you and that is what expected of you as a leader in your niche

Let me give you some tips on how to promote and market your holistic business so you not only stand out in a saturated market, but you take competition out of your vocabulary because you know you are one-of-a-kind.

Tip #1: Have a Strong Voice

Now, this doesn't mean you can be controversial or even rebellious-- in fact, I would recommend that you be both. The biggest hurdle to showing up on social media, in your articles, and your ezine is to do it with a strong voice. If you water down your message, you're going to sound like everyone else.

This could also mean coming up with your own terminology or buzzwords. Think about how you speak to your friends, what words have you made up or use frequently to get your point across? Is there humor in there somewhere? If you can use your real personality to generate buzz around your holistic business this will get people talking about you and referral-based marketing is the best (and FREE) promotion ever!

Tip #2: Keep it Designer

Another great way to promote your holistic business that will set you up for success is to assure that everything you put out into the ether is TOP NOTCH. This includes copywriting, advertisements and marketing collateral, professional photography, and consistency. When you position your holistic business like a luxury brand, your perceived value increase and that's what I like to call a great marketing strategy!

Tips #3: Establish Expert Status

Everyday you should ask yourself, "What can I do today to show I am an expert at what I do?" This will help you with all your social media posts, articles, and more. Knowing you are an expert at what you do isn't enough to win the business. You're going to have to show, without being trite, that you know your stuff.

Showcasing testimonials occasionally in your social media posts or on your website is a must. The more you clout you can build, the better. This also goes with finding the right publicity. You never want to hurt your reputation by showing up on an unprofessional blog or website, or worse on the cover of a magazine that looks like poo poo. Trust me, as much as you think being on the cover of just any magazine give you credibility, the fact is, it doesn't-- especially if you are looking to position your holistic business as a luxury brand.

Tip #4: Don't be a Bad Salesman

Whether you like it or not, every entrepreneur must be a salesman to some degree. You know your product better than anyone else and it's always a good idea to polish up your salesmanship. Being a bad salesman merely means-- your sales tactics are working. If you are currently experiencing a lack of sales or customers, if could very well be your approach to sales.

Sharpen your sales skills by sharing more of your authentic voice, instead of drowning it out with ambiguity. Your people are actively searching for you, but if they can't hear you (or don't want to hear you), you'll never be able to serve them. Salesmanship comes from a deep understanding of knowing and believing 100% that your product or service solves their problem.

That said, you don't need to force your product down anyone's throat, if you done your job correctly and your sales skills are shining through the right customers will knock on your door. The more you work on your selling your products with your own authentic voice, the sooner your tribe will be able to find you and start speaking your same language. And that's great promotion!

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