How to Sell More Luxury Products Online

Sell More Holistic Products Online

Sell More Holistic Products Online


Article: Angel Quintana
Photo: Dasha & Mari

Selling is actually an art. If you're looking to sell more holistic products online, then it might be time to embrace your artistic side. Once you have established credibility, it's only natural that your audience want to continue to buy what you have to sell. In fact, if you won them over in a previous product, why wouldn't they want to buy what you have next?

Selling more holistic products comes down to understanding the immediate pain of your niche market. If you've got this down, selling more products will be easy. It becomes almost like a rinse and repeat marketing strategy. However, if you are struggling to create new products for your existing market, perhaps if time to dig a little deeper. Here are some helping questions to help you think outside the links and sell more products online.

What product could I offer that complements a previous offering?

Let's say you offered a coaching program that solved problem A. It's been a few months and they are now salivating to learn something new. What do you think that next new training would be? If you don't know, you could start by sending out a survey, but an even quicker way would be to post the question in a Facebook post or in a Facebook group. It's a lot easier for people to write their answer on social media than to open their already over-crowded emails, click on a "take a quick survey" button and hope they complete it.

How could you re-package your offerings to increase the sale?

You know when you buy a gift basket it's always more affordable than buying each product individually. Packaging your products is a great way to increase the sale price for each new sale you make AND it helps your customer save money in the long run. Do you customers a favor and package up some of your products that complement each other and offer those products to your customers. You just might be surprised how long they've been waiting for you to do that!

Do you have a landing page with testimonials for all your best sellers?

One of the best kept secrets of internet marketers is to create landing pages and SEO keyword rich website to sell very specific products. They usually include a video or mp3, a brief checklist of what is included in the product, and a boat load of testimonials. If you're looking to sell more holistic products online, why not spend a week creating individual landing pages for some of your best seller products? You'll give Google yet another reason to send you new customers and your visitors will have a better understand of what you are selling by providing them individually pages just to talk about the product they are interested in.

There you have 3 superb ideas on how to sell more holistic products online. Every month in The Club we provide trainings and classes to help you sell more holistic products online. to learn more about The Club and the internet marketing trainings, click here.

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