How to Tell If You're a Natural-Born Witch


Article by Camille Carnevale

How to Tell If You're a Natural-Born Witch

How to Tell If You're a Natural-Born Witch

1 // You believe in signs and miracles

If you believe that even the smallest sign or taste of success is a miracle then this is the first sign that you are a witch. Asking for a sign from the universe is often a very spiritual thing, especially when you ask for it to appear in nature.

2 // You get excited about divination

If you are interested in tarot, astrology, palm reading, tea leaf readings, magic 8 balls, ouija or any other form of witchy party-time fun to guide you in your online business then you are probably a witch!

3 // You love the moon

If you find the moon light a powerful cleansing tool, or you ask the moon goddess for help with your online business struggles then you are probably a witch. I often ask the moon goddess to fill business bank account with money! This works every time!

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4 // You love learning new things in unconventional ways

If you love learning and being around people who enjoy similar conversation about your business then chances are you are super witchy. I believe that we see the world differently and that we are constantly searching for important answers in unconventional ways. Our jobs require us to look at things from a witchy perspective.

5 // You love to help people

The origin of the word witch came from a historical figure called a Pagan Midwife who was known to her community as a healer. She would heal people with herbs, deliver new born children and give advice to people when they were having troubles. A modern Witch understands that her valuable services and skills are worth compensation. She understands that without her ideal salary, she can't afford to serve the people who need her help.

6 // You prefer au natural

When it comes to healing yourself you prefer natural remedies like acupuncture, non-conventional medicine and organic whole foods to keep you sharp when running your online empire. If you prefer to pop a vitamin everyday to avoid getting sick during cold and flu season rather than dose up on cold medicine after the fact, you're probably a Witch!

7 // You dream of having free time to commit fully to your craft

If you love making things, from creating mindful online content to developing natural skin care products you are probably ready to bewitch your brand! If you're trying to boost your sales, bring more value to your current offers or find more clients online - I would love to help support you. Let's get your witchy brand brewing!

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