How to Uplift Your Spirits Instantly


By Angel Quintana

How to Uplift Your Spirits Instantly

How to Uplift Your Spirits Instantly

You’re not alone if you’ve ever thought about throwing in the towel, calling quits on your business, and removing all your profiles from social networks. I’ve been there too.
But then you start thinking about all those long grueling hours you’ve INVESTED into your business and the thought of seeing all that dumped in the recycling bin is sorta a bummer.

So, like you, we keep going...

Only to have yet another person tick you off, maybe even slap on a lawsuit or some other inconvenience, or some internet troll is trying to bait you. That's when you know the Universe is testing you. Or maybe you tried to launch a new program or sell out a live event to keep the momentum humming away, but like clock work, that dark day shows up yet again... no signups, no engagement, just crickets.

And this time, it’s left you in tears. I’ve been there too.

Sometimes I feel like the world is a tasty oyster and other days I feel like the world is testing me, but what am I suppose to learn? That seems to be a question that comes up pretty frequently (one I am always trying to figure out), until I hired a fitness coach and NOT a personal trainer. My fitness coach asked me a question that got me thinking about my constant NEED to learn: from my mistakes, why people piss me off, why shit happens…

Then with a slight alteration in mindset, something fortunate happened.

Last August was one of my darkest months in business and yet, my most profitable (go figure). I felt like the Universe was testing me and wanted to teach more grueling lessons, all while racking in some dough…
But instead of letting the dark days rule me and thinking “what should I be learning from all this madness?” I decided to ask myself:

“What’s the bright side of this annoying circumstance!?”

The result?

The dark times may very well be prepping you for what’s to come, but if you dig deeper (as I did), I found a silver lining! I discovered that each dark day is not only a lesson, but there is a PUPOSE behind every move. If you’ve ever worked with me on your Signature System, you already know I constantly refer to things as a chess match. With every move of your rook, pawn, bishop, or even your badass queen, there is always a PURPOSE.

When the part of the day that turns DARK, the Universe doesn’t scream from the mountaintops: “I’m doing this because of A, B, and C!! You’ll thank me later, I promise!”

Instead, the Universe reveals it’s intentions much later. So what I decided to do, because I'm impatient and I hate to wait... instead of asking "What am I suppose to learn?" I ask, "What is the bright side of this circumstance?"

Wait five minutes and your mind will be BLOWN AWAY! At least that's what happened for me.

The answer that came after that question helped me read the future (and no, not through a crystal ball). I discovered getting upset was blinding me from reading my own fortune. 

Turns out, if you're too busy trying to find the lesson, you'll miss the download that The Universe is trying to give you.

So there it is. The secret to reading your own fortune.

Ask different questions and give your brain a rest from learning yet another lesson and instead, find the silver lining because I can bet, if you practice communicating with The Universe, you too will be able to read your own fortune and than you'll know what move to make next. It might take some time to develop this psychic ability, but WOWZERS, it’s a pretty fun chess match that ends with a big win (a strategy your competitors probably aren't practicing)!


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