How to Wear Vintage Day-to-Day in the Modern World

How to Wear Vintage

How to Wear Vintage


Article by Cinthia Singleton
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Vintage. It’s classic. It’s unique. It’s generally much better made than today’s mall offerings. It’s also the ultimate in living ‘green.’ How one incorporates it into their wardrobe is different from person to person. There are some, like the rockabilly girls, who consider it a lifestyle. There are those who love how they feel when they dress like, say, Mad Men’s Joan Holloway. Then there are those who want to create a unique identity. 

Three tricks to employ so you can wear vintage each and every day, no matter how or where. 

1| Blend eras - vintage and contemporary - so you don’t risk looking like you’re going to a costume party or casting call for a Merchant Ivory film. Wear that 1950s sweater set but pair it with tights and your boho booties. Maybe throw on a poncho too. They’re coming back in 2015. Keep the hair and make-up contemporary but add a 1970s twist - a floppy hat.

Mix it up. Yes, yes, there are contemporary trends to consider but if you love it, wear it; Street Style is the newest and most wonderful of trends.

2| Wear what is ORGANIC to your body by wearing the vintage that looks like it belongs on YOU. Body shapes and silhouettes go in and out fashion, but your body is the constant. What are its positives? Accentuate those first. Great legs? The latter 1960s with those shorter (not necessarily mini) hemlines might be for you. Are you a gorgeous, curvy thing? The 1950s fashions are great but so are the early 1970s with the great boho pieces, plunging necklines and empire waists. 

3| A big part of that organic sensation in trick 2 is how a piece resonates. That 1920s cloche hat… sigh… something about it makes you feel good even before you look in the mirror. So even if you don’t have an era’s body shape, there ARE elements of an era for you. Hats. Gloves. Boots. Jewelry. Every era has something for someone and certain elements resonate more fiercely. Hard not to be unique if you’re listening to this voice as you select pieces or dress, isn’t it?

It’s all about expressing yourself, not chasing trends… and appreciating that vintage clothing had a life before you. “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” said Marc Jacobs.

Now it’s your turn.

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Cinthia Singleton

Cinthia Singleton was born in California, lived in NYC and now lives in the SW. As proprietor of bycinbyhand vintage, she hunts down the best vintage she can find. She is currently working on book of fiction entitled "A How Don't," a dark humor about caregiving. Check out Cinthia's Etsy shop!

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