Sovereignty as Philosophy – Knowing then Owning Your Powers

Sovereignty as Philosophy

Sovereignty as Philosophy


Article by Marcela Liliana Veron
Photo Credit: Michelle Kim
Magazine: Issue #18

Through the years of interacting with many women, while honing my craft as an intuitive, healer and mentor in their many facets, I learned more about their true yearning underneath their wants and needs. I tuned into their soul’s need for reverence through sovereignty. 

Through this integral journey, I came to really understand the power of claiming sovereignty as a way of being in one’s body and presence... and as a way of experiencing the feminine soul in its fullness and sacredness.  Furthermore, I realized the profound importance of being witness as sovereign.

Sovereignty became my passion. In a spiritual sense it infused my purpose with its all encompassing and magnetic force. Sovereignty became my philosophy. 

Philosophy, in my book, is the attitude and awareness that you embody and embrace in your actions, thoughts, words, communications and choices. It is the multi-faceted expression of your values that you embrace and live by, both static and ever evolving by nature. The word is derived from the Greek word ‘philosophia’ or love of wisdom.  

The root within itself is based on Sophia, the Goddess of World Wisdom. More so, Sophia exemplifies the power of self-knowledge and wisdom of knowing your deeper whole self through your journey or spiritual evolution as you continue to interact and engage in the world. She archetypally instills the importance of owning your value in relation to the world at large. Goddess Sophia reflects your inherent wisdom and majestic nature.

Allow your state of beingness to embrace the immanence of embodying sovereignty in your everyday experiences.

See what magic comes about from living from the awareness of your intrinsic value.  True beauty exudes in knowing in the very essence of your being the virtue of owning your Sovereignty.  Make Sovereignty your Philosophy.

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