Need A Website? 3 Powerful Tips To Get You Started

Need a Website?

Need a Website?


Article by Marla Trevino
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

If you want a website and don’t know where to start, the three tips below will give you the answers you need to get going. These will set the foundation for your web project. 

1. Decide if you want to do it yourself (DIY) or hire someone

You have many options when it comes to hiring someone to get your website up. Maybe you've looked into it and haven’t found the right designer. If you’re a little introverted and a little bit of a perfectionist, getting your first website up might be freaking you out. Or at least, that's the story you’re telling yourself.

It’s crucial that you get out there and show people who you are, what you love and how you can help them. Imagine expressing and sharing yourself fully. 

Decide right now what you’re going to do. Either DIY, or find someone to do it for you. 

2. Commit to a deadline

Most people procrastinate because they don’t know where to start. But there are some people who make a decision and make it happen. 

If you are not an extrovert, or an oversharer, and hate being the center of attention. This tip is even more important. Imagine staying hidden. Not connecting to people. Your talents not being enjoyed by others. 

If this tip make you nervous, ask yourself this question. Where are you not committing in other areas of your life? Because how you do one thing is how you do everything. 

What’s your deadline? Do you want a website up before the new year?


3. Know thyself

Believe you are good enough as you are right now. (because you are) 

Sabotaging beliefs will start to surface and slow you down if let them. You’ll start to panic and tell yourself you’re not ready. Especially if this is your first website. 

What will you regret not doing at the end of your life? Is it a website? Of course not. It’s what happens when you do have a tool, like a website. You’ll be able to express yourself and connect with people who get you. It’s pushing past the fears of doing something that freaks you out. 

Enjoy yourself and the process of getting started. Make a decision. Pick a date. And show up as you are today. Remember not to let time, perfectionism, or lack of confidence be the reason you put it off for another year. 

Philosophy of People is a compilation of self-improvement articles written by entrepreneurs seeking to bring holistic solutions to everyday problems. Read more articles from our 2nd Year Anniversary issue.

MARLA TREVIÑO, Media and Technology Director, is an award-winning multimedia art director. She has shared her talents with clients ranging from design boutiques to Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. She supports women who want to make a positive impact in the world start AND amplify their business online. So that they can go from behind-the-scenes to being seen and get their mission out into the world. If you want an effective, flawless website up in as little as 7 days >> Marla Trevino.

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